Chick Pack™: English Orpington Assortment

Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington rooster
Crele Orpington pair
Isabel Orpington rooster
Isabel Orpington rooster
Lavender Orpington pair
Lemon Cuckoo Orpington pair
Jubilee Orpington pair
White Orpington hen
Buff Orpington pair
Chocolate Cuckoo
White Orpington
Black English Orpingtons
Blue English Orpingtons
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These are the Heritage English Orpingtons that everyone wants! They are gorgeous, huge, fat, fluffy and friendly! They come from 100% English imported breeding stock. The flocks have been carefully selected for excellent fertility and hardiness. Some of the most popular breeding lines available have been brought to the farm to ensure diversity in the flock.

The beautiful Orpingtons became one of the most popular farm fowls in this country soon after they were introduced to the US from England in the late 1800's. They are sweet, gentle, beautiful birds in the heavy breed class, ranging from 8 to 14 pounds, and a great favorite with families and children. Quiet and stately, they're seldom prone to flying once they have reached their full weight. The males are usually gentle and make good roosters for the backyard flock. Hens are good layers all year round, even into winter, producing large brown eggs steadily right through the coldest weather.

Your order will include a minimum of 3 different colors from the following list--but our breeder will include more if possible!

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