Chick Pack™: Fun & Funky Assortment (20 chicks)

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Fun and Funky Chicks
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Barred, Frizzled, Sizzled, Crested, Naked Neck, Bearded, Feather-Footed, Silked.... FUN! If you like a crazy-looking pet chicken, the Fun and Funky assortment is for you. We have multiple pens with amazing combinations, selected to please.Your order could contain any random selection of the traits above, bred from breeds like Easter Eggers, Cochins, Cochin Bantams, Silkies, Polish, Silchen, Serama crosses etc. You'll receive large fowl, bantams and mixes in this straight run chick pack! Live on the edge—order these and you won't be disappointed.

Two-day shipping is included in the price of this Chick Pack of 20 chicks, shipped straight from one of our breeders to you! These breeders incubate any eggs left over after fulfilling orders for fertile hatching eggs, and hatch out chicks for those of you who want some rare chicken varieties, but who can't or don't want to incubate at home.

SEXING: These assortments are straight run chicks, meaning they will not be separated into males and females, and therefore you will receive both. If you need only males, only females, or specific quantities of each, please choose from our Day Old Baby Chicks category.

VACCINES: We do not vaccinate our Chick Packs™

SHIPPING: Free USPS 2-Day shipping is included with your purchase.

WANT MORE CHICKS? We usually include a couple extra, if we can, just because we like making our peeps happy. But you can also select 3 more "mystery" chicks from the pull-down menu above!