Chick Pack™: Mad Scientist Assortment

Olive Egger
Cuckoo Bluebar
Ice Cream Bar day-old chicks
Olive Egger hen
Parent stock: Buttercream Blue Egger
Buttercream Blue Egger chicks
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If you're looking for the rarest breeds and varieties for the best price, consider our all-new Chick Packs™! Express Mail shipping is included in these straight run value packs of 10, 15, 20, or 25 rare breed and designer chicks. Our specialty breeders incubate any eggs left over after fulfilling orders for fertile hatching eggs, and hatch out chicks for those of you who want some rare chicken varieties, but who can't or don't want to incubate at home.

Do you like to be surprised and delighted? Take the plunge and try new chicken varieties the world has never seen before! Our breeding experts cross breeds for egg color, temperament, beautiful feathering, and other highly-desirable traits. This particular Chick Pack will include different breeds from among the following list. The more you buy, the better your chance to receive a larger variety!

  • Olive Egger
  • Cuckoo Bluebar
  • Ice Cream Bar
  • Buttercream Blue Egger
  • Any other funky custom cross that we may be working on (confidential!)

NOTE: These assortments will be straight run chicks, meaning they will not be separated into males and females first. (You cannot choose to receive certain numbers of males or females, because the chicks are not sexed before they are shipped.) They will be shipped to you "as hatched." If you need to order specific numbers of males or females, please choose from among our day old chicks that are not shipped in quick packs.

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