Chick Pack™: Sex-Linked Pullet Assortment

Green Magnolia hen
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Want exciting breeds without having to hatch at home? Priority Mail shipping is included in the price of our new Chick Packs™ -- straight run value packs of 10, 15, or 20 rare breed and designer chicks. Our specialty breeders incubate any eggs left over after fulfilling orders for fertile hatching eggs, and hatch out chicks for those of you who want rare chicken varieties.

For those who like to be in the know, this collection of sex-linked pullets (girl chickens only) is a perfect choice! Your assortment will include a minimum of 3 breeds from the following:
  • Blue Sex Link - These pullets are an interesting brood. They are fat with big puffy cheeks. The males have a white dot on their head and the females are solid blue. The chickens range from very light to very dark blue in color and the hens lay large olive-colored eggs.
  • Crested Cream Legbar- Hardy birds that lay blue and blue-green eggs! Boys have a white dot, are lighter, and tend to have a silver shade to their down. The crest may have the appearance of a small cowlick or it can be large and poofy.
  • Chocolate Orpington - Who doesn't need more chocolate? Girls are chocolate, boys will be black! They will lay light or medium brown eggs.
  • Chocolate Easter Eggers - Beautiful, friendly birds that lay green eggs! Girls are chocolate brown and the boys will be black.
  • Green Magnolias - Beautiful auto sexing green egg layers that are good foragers and friendly. Some will be crested! Boys have a white dot on their head and are lighter.
  • Rhodebars - These lovely birds are calm and easy to handle. They are also very hardy birds and prolific layers! Rhodebars are auto sexing brown egg layers.
SPECIAL REQUESTS: Since Chick Packs™ are hatched by our specialty breeders, there's no way to know for certain which breeds you may receive. We are always open to breed requests from within the above-listed, potential breeds. We will happily pass along your preferences to the breeder, but we cannot guarantee they will be accommodated. So if you aren't sure you want to be surprised, please don't choose this particular assortment! We have many individual breeds available for sale in our Day Old Baby Chicks category.

VACCINES: Sorry, we're not offering a Marek's vaccine on this Chick Pack™.

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