Chick Pack™: Super Blue Egg Layer

Super Blue Egg Layer chicks
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Want exciting breeds without having to hatch at home? Priority Mail shipping is included in the price of our new Chick Packs™ -- straight run value packs of 10, 15, or 20 rare breed and designer chicks. Our specialty breeders incubate any eggs left over after fulfilling orders for fertile hatching eggs, and hatch out chicks for those of you who want rare chicken varieties.

For Super Blue Eggers, we've taken our favorite egg-laying breed and crossed them with our most vibrant blue egg layers. The result: prolific layers of large, blue-tinted eggs. This exclusive-to-us variety is among those Martha Stewart had us deliver to her for her own flock of rare chickens.

Our exclusive recipe may be secret, but you'll want to show these ladies off! They start out as adorable yellow chicks who will grow up to be lovely white-with-black-flecks throughout. The Super Blue Egg Layers are friendly and curious, but best of all, they are extremely versatile. You'll find they will do well in both warm and cool climates and produce large, blue-tinted eggs at an astounding rate--thus the "Super" in the name! Our girls average five to six eggs a week, even through the heat of summer. Please note that because these are first generation crosses (F1), statistically, 1 out of 16 eggs will produce a chicken with a single comb who will not lay blue eggs. Please also keep in mind that your blue eggs may be anywhere from pale blue hued to a more intense, aqua blue. There is no chicken to our knowledge that lays sky-blue eggs!

SEXING: These assortments will be straight run chicks, meaning they will not be separated into males and females. This means that you cannot choose to receive males or females; they will be shipped to you "as hatched." If you need only males, only females, or specific quantities of each, please choose from our Day Old Baby Chick category.

VACCINES: Sorry, we're not offering a Marek's vaccine on this Chick Pack™.

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