Add-On Nest Box for Bungalow Chicken Coop

Extra Bungalow Nest Box
Extra Bungalow Nest Box
Bungalow Nest Box
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Here's an extra or replacement nesting box for your Bungalow chicken coop!

Our Bungalow coop comes standard with one nesting box, but with a spot to add a second. Just pop off the "door and your nesting box will slide right in. For use with Bungalow coops purchased 2018 and later.

The extra nesting box is a great idea if you want to fit the maximum number of chickens in your Bungalow coop. If you have breeds that tend to broodiness (and hog their nest endlessly), or if you plan to allow a hen to hatch out some chicks in your Bungalow, the extra space will come in handy. Same if you're using this as a rabbit hutch! Bunnies will enjoy having the extra space to hop around in.

  • This Add-on option adds 3 to give you a total of 6 nesting boxes.
  • Panels are secured together with zinc-galvanized bolts, not flimsy screws.
  • Tongue and groove roof and wall construction.
  • Ships free to your door.

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