Coop Light + Night Eyes Combo (App-controlled)

Coop Light / Solar Eyes combo
CoopMaster Farmer LED
CoopMaster Farmer LED
CoopMaster Farmer LED
CoopMaster Farmer LED
CoopMaster Farmer LED
CoopMaster Farmer LED

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Low winter lay rates got you down? Chickens lay best when they have 14 hours of daylight. In the winter and fall, as the days shorten, egg production rates naturally decrease. The solution is simple, though! Add a few hours of light in the morning and your egg basket will notice the difference.

The CoopMASTER is an incredible new product to the market that we just love. Not only is the LED light easy to mount, but it comes with a separate "night eyes" unit to protect your flock from predation. And the whole thing is controlled via a free SmartPhone app! The app allows you to set on/off times, of course, and also to program the speed at which the Night Eyes flash. It even allows for random on/off times, and fading in and, for those who don't feel flashing works for the predators in their area. Best of all, you can change the pattern to keep predators wary of coming too near.

Mount the coop light indoors. At night, power switches over to the the red "predator eyes" light, which you mount on the outside of your coop. The LED light module will last for 50,000 hours and you can control it using a Wi-fi enabled app on your Android or iPhone. This coop light comes complete with mounting hardware for easy installation. Additionally, each coop light comes with connections to add more lighting to your coop if needed.

This coop light / night eyes / controller combo is powered through a traditional 12 volt DC power supply that plugs into a 120 volt AC outlet. Comes with installation and use instructions.

Key features and benefits of the CoopMASTER

  • LED lighting that sustains egg laying throughout the year
  • Predator deterrent system that keeps animals away from your chickens
  • Smartphone enabled app allowing complete control of all functions
  • Modular system allowing additional lights to be added with no new hardware required
  • Simple installation using standard household tools
  • Long lasting LEDs provide 50,000 hours of operation
  • Consider use other than chicken coops including gardens, sheds or any place that you want to keep animals away
The CoopMASTER kit includes:

  • One White LED Light with Cable
  • One Red LED Predator Eyes with Cable
  • One Controller to Connect the LED Light Modules & Provide Wi-Fi enabled Control using our Android/iOS App
  • One 12VDC Power Supply and Easy Mount Clip Installation with 5' wire
  • Water tight housing unit to be mounted outdoors
Full specifications:

  • White LED Module CCT: 2700K
  • White LED Module Power: 3 watts
  • White LED Module Lumen: 300 lumens
  • Predator Eyes Power: 3 watts
  • LED Modules dimensions: 6" x 2" x .25" ea
  • Controller dimensions: 2" x 3" x 2"



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