Easy Clean Chicken Coop--Lean-To Extension

Lean-To Extension
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The Lean-To is a creative and tasteful extension to your Easy-Clean Chicken Coop. The Lean-To expands your coop and will accommodate up to four more hens, for a total of ten hens! You can purchase it at the same time as your Easy Clean Chicken Coop, or down the road--whatever works for you.

The Lean-To uses most all of the coop’s original parts and adds an enclosed area to the coop side. It holds 3 nesting boxes and allows for an in-coop feeder tray– all easily removable. You also get 4 more feet of roosting pole space! The “feeder” is a storage container that can be purchased at Walmart. We send directions about how to cut the lid in order to convert it to a Lean-To feeder. The Lean-To props open for easy access and cleaning.


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