Excelsior Nest Box Pad 13" x 13" (Set of 10)

Excelsior Poultry Pad
Excelsior Poultry Pad
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Special sale price! Tired of hens kicking their nesting material out of their boxes and finding cracked and broken eggs? Excelsior poultry pads solve this problem--plus, they're absorbent, drying out any poo so your eggs stay clean! They're made from Great Lakes Aspen fibers, wrapped along the bottom with brown Kraft paper. 

You may also brood chicks on these nest pads! Lay them down like you would sod, and cut them to fit your brooding area. No more shavings in feed and water!

(Looking for a different size? Try our 9" x 12" excelsior nest box pad. We call it a "chick pad" because it fits perfectly inside a standard-size chick shipping box--but it's made of the same material and can be used in a nest box, too.)

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