Fresh Coop Odor Control, 7 lbs

Fresh Coop Odor Control, 7lb
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Nobody wants bad odors in their living space, right? When it comes to chickens, though, eliminating odors isn't just about pampering your flock. It's about their health. Chickens are especially susceptible to respiratory illness, and nothing will compromise their respiratory and immune health like an excessive build-up of ammonium/ammonia (read: poop and pee)!

Fresh Coop is one of several products My Pet Chicken carries which helps to neutralize ammonia and to extend the life of your bedding. It combines food-grade Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Montmorillonite and Citric Acid to minimize the conversion of ammonium to ammonia by acidifying the poultry litter. The science is a little above our heads, but the manufacturer's studies show that this acidity also inhibits the activities of the bacteria and enzymes involved in ammonia formation, reducing the production of ammonia in the first place.

In other words, it will make your coop smell fresh and clean!

The diatomaceous earth ingredient is an excellent dessicant, meaning it keeps your bedding dry. These two factors -- reducing bad odors and keeping bedding dry -- will extend the life of your bedding immeasurably. So in addition to keeping your birds healthy, you'll be buying, replacing, and composting less soiled bedding.

How do I know when to use it?
Use it when your flock's bedding gets stinky, of course!

How much do I use?
Sprinkle it evenly on top of bedding and existing litter any time you notice a smell  Can be applied directly from the container. Fresh Coop comes in a handy shaker jar for easy application.

Can I use it on other types of poultry?
Fresh Coop can be used with backyard chickens, pullets, layers, quail, ducks, turkeys, pigeons and pheasants.

It's OMRI listed. What does that mean?
OMRI certification means that the product may be used in certified organic food production or food processing, according to the USDA. Fresh Coop's OMRI certificate

Fresh Coop's Safety Data Sheet


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