New! Tractor Kit for "The Gambrel Roof" Chicken Coop w/Run

Tractor Kit installed on Gambrel Coop
Tractor Kit installed on Gambrel Coop

List Price:  $75.95
Your Price:  $69.95


New for 2022! Easily turn your Gambrel Roof Coop into a portable chicken tractor with this kit. Once installed, you can conveniently move your Gambrel Roof coop and run around your yard. Using a mobile tractor coop and run provides a safe and fresh grazing area for your chickens, not to mention help "spread the love" (poop) around.

Kit includes:

  • 2 wooden handles (The white wood color matches the "Gambrel Roof" Coop trim.)
  • 2, 6" heavy-duty wheels made of rubber that will never go flat. The wheel brackets are made of stainless steel and the wheel size is 160/40-80
  • Hardware and instructions
This is an easy project that will take one person about 15 minutes to install. You will only need a wood drill and drill bit to install. All holes are predrilled to help prevent wood splitting.

Instalation tip: We recommend the handles be placed in the middle of the run side for ease of lifting, but can be placed wherever is most comfortable for you! The lower they are the higher you will be able to lift the coop.