Smart Automatic Chicken Door

Smart Automatic Chicken Door
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BRAND NEW DESIGN! There's no need to rush out in a panic if you're late to lock in the prized flock at night. This is the latest model of our best-selling Automatic Chicken Door! Features at a glance:

  • Timer- open/close
  • Manual-open/close
  • LED control panel lets you choose timer or manual
  • Door is opened with an actuator = no more strings getting tangled or torn!
  • Built in sensor so that if a chicken is in the doorway when it is closing, the door will stop and reopen. It will automatically attempt to close up to 2 times before staying in the open position.
  • Smart Coop Auto Door's features control panel has internal memory to store settings in case of power loss. 
Power Supply for Door

  • 110v electric (adapter included with 36" cord)
  • Solar kit option if your coop area gets direct sunlight
  • 12 volt battery (battery not included)
  • cord for 12V battery sold separately
  • power draw per day is 2.5 AHR
*Disclaimer: Per the manufacturer, the features of the Smart Automatic Chicken Door draw too much power to be run off of a battery for an extended period of time. The battery supply is intended to be used as a temporary measure in emergency situations, such as a power failure or failure of or damage to the solar power kit.

Door Construction
Heavy-duty poly/aluminum construction door is water resistant and will not rot or warp!

Door opens and closes when you want it to
You can program this automatic chicken to open and close up to four hours before or after sunrise/sunset times in your area, or you can put it on a timer to open the door at dawn and close it at dusk. No worries if your batteries die, either: you can open and close the door manually.

Superior materials and workmanship
The door is made with maintenance-free materials and is easy to install, right out of the box. The heavy duty poly/aluminum construction is water resistant and will not rot or warp.

Enjoy a tight fit and an easy-gliding track that will always go up and down with ease.  Wires and sensors are kept safe, dry and clean inside the motor box. Parts are easily removable for cleaning.  The motor unit has a self-explanatory LED programming screen.

Fully assembled and ready to go
Your automatic chicken door arrives assembled, including a complete frame, sliding door, electric motor, 110v adapter, timer, and a full motor box.

Entire unit: 2.75" deep x 11 13/16ths" long x 32 3/4" high
Door opening: 10.5"w x 12"h
Cord length: 5'

Guarantee and Warranty
If you're not satisfied with this product, you may return it for a full refund within 10 days minus our cost to ship the item to you and minus your cost to ship the item back to us. Your purchase also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty!

This door is great for our Craftsman, All-in-one, Cottage and Dutch Coops. It also great for your DIY Coops! This door will not work for smaller coops please make sure to check your dimensions prior to ordering.