"The Hatch" Ultra Rugged Automatic Door, light & temp controls

The Hatch chicken auto door
It's attractive...
It locks tight so predators can't lift it...
It locks tight so predators can't lift it...
It adjusts to daylight + outdoor temps...
Control panel cover
It's incredibly heay duty...
PVC plank edges + acrylic door won't rot!
Optional solar/battery off grid kit
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This door was introduced to the world on Kickstarter by a cattle farmer from Montana. Having grown up on farms and ranches, the owners of this company know what it means to build something strong and lasting – and their automatic chicken doors offer more features than most other doors, too!

-Takes 2-3 days to ship.-

"The Hatch" Automatic chicken door features include:

  • An operation system that includes a geared DC motor and a leadscrew to guarantee opening and closing; and it will power its way through ice, snow, debris, or any other blockage to ensure that the door closes. 
  • Door closes with over 40 pounds of force, so even the craftiest of predators can't pry it open or lift it up.
  • Two basic ways to control open/shut times:
    • Automatically via light sensor so you don't have to adjust your open/shut settings with changing daylight conditions.
    • Manual mode: Up, Down, and Auto functions
    • Or, an optional solar panel and battery for those that are off-grid (Solar Kits and Conversion Kits are currently unavailable. Our best guess for availability is December).
  • You can even use the adjustable temperature cutoff, to set a temperature below which the door won't open at all. (Great for extreme climates!)
  • "No hen left behind" system gives chicken stragglers a second chance to come indoors before the door closes for the night.
  • An LED-backlit control panel so you can see what you're doing in the darkness!
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 30-day return policy, and 1 year warranty

Built to Last:
The Hatch is built to last with 3/4" PVC plank for the door frame so it won't chip, fade, or peel, and extremely durable 3/16" Plexiglas® Acrylic for the front, back, and door.

Electric or Solar:
The doors operate with a standard 110v wall receptacle, drawing less than 1/4 watt of power. The electric cord is 6' long and can be extended with an extension cord if need be. Or you can order the optional solar kit which includes a 3W solar panel and 4.5Ah 6V battery. The cord from the solar panel to the battery is 16' long. When using solar, the door will continue to operate for up to 14 days without a bit of sunlight to recharge the system.

Dimensions: overall is approx. 10.5" wide x 3" deep x 24.5" high; door opening is 9" wide x 9" high