12' x 24' Customizable Chicken Coop w/Feed Room (100 chickens)

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This quality-made coop is made to order by the Amish in Pennsylvania, USA. It is quite spacious and will house up to one hundred chickens and store all of your feed and chicken coop items! There are an abundance of options to choose from for those who want to customize their coop. Some of the features of this 12' x 24' chicken coop include:

  • (7) windows
  • (4) ventilation slots and (2) gable vents
  • (1) large door
  • (2) chicken doors
  • (2) 8' x 12' chicken pens
  • (1) 8' x 12' feed room
When you enter this ginormous chicken coop, you step into the Feed Room first, situated between the two Chicken Areas. The Feed Room has two interior wire doors to access each of the adjacent Chicken Areas. The Feed Room has one window to let natural light in and each Chicken Area has three windows and two ventilation slots to provide excellent light and ventilation. From the Feed Room you can collect your eggs by lowering the hinged panels on the walls of the Feed Room. There is also plenty of room to store your feed and coop supplies in this area.

This coop is made to order, so please allow up to 32 weeks (8 months) for delivery. See below for more details!

Product Features:

Key Features

  • Room for up to 100 chickens
  • Twenty-four nesting boxes
  • Great ventilation: comes with seven windows, four ventilation slots and two gable vents
  • Several run options, including runs with roofs
  • Choose the Epoxy floor option to make cleaning a breeze
  • Many customization options: 3 types of siding, 20 finishes, 3 types of roof, and many more... See below for details.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Overall coop dimensions: 10'-6" high x 12" wide x 24' long
  • Coop access door: 80" high x 30" wide
  • Chicken doors: 12" high x 9.25" wide
  • Total roosting space: 48'
  • Chicken ramps: 3' long
  • Nesting boxes: Twenty-four, each approximately 1' square
  • Windows: 23" h x 18" wide
  • Total coop weight: 5500 lbs

Materials at a Glance

  • Duratemp® siding, one of the choices for this coop, is backed by a 50-year limited warranty, and won’t split or crack. It has a strong plywood veneer inner core, and a tough hardboard face that has the texture and appearance of natural, rough-sawn cedar. Its durability and strength ensure that maintenance costs are kept down.
  • Pine Board & Batten and Pine Tongue & Groove are alternate siding choices, also durable and attractive.
  • The ACQ pressure-treated plywood floor is 5/8” thick. This type of plywood is typically used for outdoor structures such as barns and sheds that are exposed to the elements. The wood is treated to prevent termites, rot and fungal decay.
  • LP® Tech Shield® Roofing Sheathing keeps your coop cooler in warm weather. Its radiant barrier blocks heat from entering through the roof of the coop. It's particularly helpful for warm climate regions throughout the United States.
  • Epoxy flooring is one of our "Cleaner Coop" Options. It is durable, easy to clean and 100% moisture resistant. The flooring has a smooth brown finish.

Quality-Made in America

This classic chicken coop is made in America, handcrafted by the Amish in Lancaster County, PA, using high quality materials. Each coop is made to order! The pressure-treated base and flooring will keep termites, carpenter ants and rot at bay. The siding is exterior-grade, painted with Hayley exterior paint or stained with Woodwright brand, oil-based stain. All half-inch hardware cloth wire over the windows and air vents is coated in black vinyl.

Finish Choices

There are 15 paint colors and 5 stain colors to choose from. Two colors are included with your purchase, so you can choose one color for the siding and another for the trim, at no extra cost.

If you've chosen Duratemp siding for your coop, you’ll need to choose a paint color; if you've chosen either Pine Tongue & Groove or Pine Board & Batten siding, you'll need to choose stain colors. Our paint brand is "Haley," a high-end line originating out of Lancaster County, PA, that has been in production for more than 100 years. Our stain brand is Woodwright, a unique line of quality oil-based stains made in Ohio.

Window style, color and options

Seven double-hung, slide-up windows provide excellent ventilation and plenty of natural light. Each window has a standard screen that is covered with heavy-duty, 14 gauge, half-inch, vinyl-coated wire to keep out predators. The window is 18” wide and 23” high.

You will receive white window frames and muntins if you select the painted Duratemp siding; if you choose the Stained Pine Tongue & Groove or Board & Batten style siding, you will receive dark brown window frames and muntins. If you would prefer something different, please indicate this in the "Order Notes" section of the online checkout process.

Breathe easy

Two gable vents (not shown) come standard with your purchase. The ventilation slots are covered on the inside with sturdy half-inch vinyl coated black hardware cloth wire, to keep out wildlife. These provide plenty of ventilation, which is essential to avian health.

Chicken door options

Your chicken coop comes standard with two small, 9-¼” wide x 12” high, latched wooden doors for you to open and close to let your chickens in and out of their coop. If you prefer, you can upgrade to automatic doors. (We feel it’s one of the best investments you can make!) Learn about the various automatic door choices, here.

Roofing choices

Asphalt shingles come standard with your purchase, and you can choose from five shingle colors. The shingle roof has an aluminum drip edge to keep water from rotting the roof sheathing. If you don't like asphalt shingles or you want to match your house, you may choose "custom" asphalt shingles or you may upgrade to either a metal or a cedar shake roof.

Regardless of the style you choose, your roof will include OLP Tech Shield Roof Sheathing: a thin, durable layer of aluminum laminated to OSB roof sheathing, which creates a highly effective radiant barrier. This radiant barrier helps to block heat from entering the coop and it will keep the coop cooler in warm weather.

The asphalt shingles are Timberline HD Architectural Shingles and they have a 30-year warranty. The metal roofing is AB Martin Brand and they also have a 30-year warranty.


Five-eighths inch, ACQ pressure treated plywood flooring comes standard with your purchase, or you can upgrade to an epoxy floor for ease of cleaning. It is durable, easy to clean and 100% moisture resistant. The epoxy flooring has a smooth brown finish.


All hinges and locks are zinc plated and painted black. The entry door has a keyed lock handle. The chicken doors have latches that can be latched in the open or closed position. These chicken doors can be locked in place with a Master Lock or a Clip (not included).

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you may return your coop within thirty days of receipt for a full refund, less the cost of return shipping.

Add electricity!

If your coop will be placed in an area of your yard where there’s electricity nearby, consider the electrical package! You can purchase either the basic electrical package or the electrical package with a heated roost. The basic electrical package includes an interior light fixture and light switch, an outlet with two receptacles, and it comes with an extension cord hookup to attach to your primary electricity source. The receptacles can be used to plug in your heated waterer (not included) or your optional auto chicken door or heated roost if you so choose.

One wooden roosting bar that runs the length of the coop--and you may select the optional electrical package with heated roost! Talk about luxury. The heated roost is plugged into the receptacle provided by the electrical package, and it’s heated from within by a heated rope, which is completely sealed for safety.

Go Solar

No electricity? No problem. You can order our Complete Solar Package which will include two solar kits for two auto chicken doors (sold separately), three solar-powered lights, and one light switch or light timer. If you decide to go with this package, select either the Basic Chicken Doors or the Advanced Chicken Doors from the drop-down menu above. If you just want solar-powered auto chicken doors and not the rest of this package, you can select the auto chicken doors with solar power from the same drop-down menu.

The heater roosting bar is not an option with the solar packages.

Run away with run options

We always recommend runs be purchased with coops--unless your coop is going to be placed inside a larger, predator-proof chicken yard already! You can either build your own run or add one of our fully enclosed runs to your order. Our runs have half-inch vinyl-coated black hardware cloth wire. If you want a roof on your run (a great idea, to allow your chickens to be outdoors in "fowl" weather!), we’ve got that, too.

Clean that coop!

Order the epoxy flooring and use the large access door to rake or sweep the waste out of the coop. The epoxy floor will allow you to remove the waste and clean the floor more easily. It is durable, easy to clean, and 100% moisture resistant. The epoxy flooring has a smooth brown finish.

Other customization available

Is there something you want to add to your coop but you don’t see it here? If so, please contact us. The manufacturer of this coop is happy to add bells and whistles for you.

Enhancements and Modifications

While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.


There is a 10-year limited warranty on the coops. This warranty covers structural problems should they occur, assuming the coop was properly maintained.

What to know about shipping and delivery

Each coop is made to order. Please allow up to 32 weeks (8 months) for delivery.

Shipping is calculated at checkout for both the East and West Coast. There is an additional charge for delivery to the West Coast as indicated in the "Delivery Options" drop-down menu.

Standard delivery provides for the coop to be delivered to the end of your driveway--and you will be responsible for moving it to the ideal location in your yard. Or, provided there is easy accessibility for the truck driver (for example, a 14' wide opening where a smaller truck can get into your yard), your driver can place your coop wherever you like for a fee of $225.00.