American Coop Chicken Coop w/12' Run (up to 14 chickens)

The American Chicken Coop
American Coop shown with standard 12' run
American Coop shown with standard 12' run
American Coop interior
American Coop Egg Hutch
Egg Hutch Exterior
Egg Hutch with standard latch
Egg Hutch drop-down door
Automatic Door option
Automatic Door option
American Coop shown with 16' run
Extra-long run
Metal Roofing Color Options
American Coop shown with 16' run
Screen Door Option (shown on Fully Customized Coop)
Screen Door Option (shown on Fully Customized Coop)
Screen Door (on Fully Customized Coop) w/wood panels in place
Made To Order
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Attractive and thoughtfully-designed with incredibly high quality, durable materials, the American Coop is proudly hand-crafted with care in the USA, using American-made parts everywhere possible. We especially love its huge run, the myriad of options, and special “deep litter” bedding tray that allows for only once-annual cleaning! Please see more details, below.

While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Features:

Dimensions at a glance:

  • Hen house: 6' wide x 4' long x 5-1/2' high
  • Overall height: 7-1/2' high including the legs
  • Run footprint: 6' wide x 12' long (including the run below the hen house)
  • Run height at peak: 7-1/2' high
  • Litter bed: 6' wide x 4' long x 12" deep
  • Roosting bars: Two, each 6' long
  • Height of run under hen house: 2'
  • Nest box overall dimensions: 3' long x 18" high at peak x 18" deep
  • Nest box individual dimensions: each of the three nest boxes is 1' cubed
  • Window opening: 8" x 8" and 12" x 12", protected with poly sliders and backed by 1/2" x 1/2" hardware cloth
  • Size of chicken door opening from coop to run: 8.5" wide x 12" high
  • Door from run to outdoors: 32" wide x 65" tall
  • Chicken ladder: 7-1/2" wide x 5' long

Materials at a glance:

  • Siding: Southern yellow pine, exterior-grade (made in the USA)
  • Lumber that touches the ground: ACQ, ground contact rated, pressure-treated lumber
  • Roof: Galvalume brand aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel roofing with lifetime warranty (made in the USA)
  • Hinges and locks: "Exterior Weather Guard Coating" zinc-galvanized steel by Stanley Corporation
  • Deep litter bed: High Density Polyethylene (made in the USA, more on this below)
  • Wire mesh: 1/2" x 1/2" 19 gauge, galvanized, hardware cloth

Quality-made in America

The manufacturer of this coop has been at it for years, designing, tweaking and refining cool-looking coops that meet the demands of the most exacting chicken keepers around the country. All materials are premium and residential-grade, designed to withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at them, and American-made materials are selected wherever possible.

Better bedding, cooler cleaning

The American coop has the best bedding area we've ever seen. Not only is it fully lined in high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is USDA and FDA-approved food-safe, but it's a full 12" deep--so you can use the deep litter bedding method, which requires only a once or twice annual clean-out! (It's the only coop we’ve ever seen for sale designed for deep litter.)

There's also an amazing dual door design on the rear of the hen house with a drop down "gate." This allows you to access your coop for everyday needs using the top set of doors without getting litter everywhere--and when it's time to pull out the composted bedding, you can simply drop down the gate for easy access.

To prevent Henny Penny from having to exert herself jumping up to the hen house door, ladders are included with your purchase, both in and out of the hen house, and up to the nesting boxes.

Easy breezy ventilation

The four "windows" on your American Coop are openings, framed with muntins for classic looks, backed by 1/2" x 1/2" hardware cloth, and attached with heavy-duty, 18 gauge staples that are 1.25" long. This ensures predator-proof cross-ventilation, which is incredibly important to chicken health.

Weather chilly or wet? No problem -- the included, clear polycarbonate window sliders can be slid open as far or as little as you want, or removed entirely. The polycarbonate is incredibly impact-resistant and durable.

Need even more ventilation? We’ve got you covered. The optional Hen House screen doors are backed with the same hardware cloth used everywhere else in the coop. It'll keep predators out and breezes flowing through.

Huge, covered run for happy hens (and tall owners!)

The huge run sets this coop apart! At 72 square feet, your hens could be perfectly happy confined in here for long stretches of time. The included ladders make it easy for your hens to enter and exit their run. And at 7.5' tall at the peak, even pro basketball players should be able to chill in there with their peeps!

If that's not enough space for your precious Hennykins, you may add on to your run in 6-foot increments. Just select the "Panelized" or "Fully Assembled" version of the add-on run in the menu above for the correct pricing. (And don't worry--you can always purchase more runs later if you're not sure.)

Even if you want to allow your flock to roam free, there will be times you'll want to keep them in the safety of the confined run. You might want to purchase half-inch hardware cloth and attach it to the footprint of your run (using zip ties or a heavy-duty stapler), to keep burrowing predators and rodents out, too. Others choose to put pavers all along the footprint of the run, and bury "apron" fencing to keep out predators and rodents but also allow their chickens full access to the dirt!

Egg hutch with removable dividers, drop-down door

Your American Coop purchase comes standard with a three-nest egg box, called an Egg Hutch. The two dividers are removable, so a broody hen sitting on eggs will have plenty of space in there for her AND her chicks. And if you DO plan to allow a broody hen to raise chicks in the coop, you might want to select the additional Egg Hutch so the rest of your hens have space to lay.

Access the egg hutch by dropping down the exterior door--not lifting the lid like most other coops. This feature reduces the chance of a leak where the nest box roof meets the coop. There's a 3" high lip on the nest box to keep bedding in, and away from the hinges.

Plus, the HDPE floor and panels of the Egg Hutch are completely removable for washing, and they're even dishwasher-safe!

Predator protection

Predator proofed windows, heavy-duty run wire and hardware, and locking latches keep rodents and all manner of predators out. The locking gate latch on entry points would be difficult for sneaky predators to figure out as it is, but if you want to add an additional level of protection, get yourself a carabiner or padlock for every access point.

If you choose not to purchase a door from the interior of the coop to the run, as is "standard" on this coop--or if you want to purchase the locking wooden door but keep it open in mild weather, like many chicken keepers do, it's important that you predator-proof the footprint of the run (by attaching half-inch hardware cloth, for instance) to keep out predators that dig.

Automatic door for busy owners

Many chicken keepers can't be around every morning to let their chickens out, and again every evening to close them back up safely. The automatic door is a wonderful option, and we recommend it to anyone who can afford it. The automatic door chosen for this coop is incredibly reliable, and operates on electricity--just plug it in and it's ready to go. Please note: there is no solar option for the automatic chicken door that comes with this coop.If you prefer a regular wooden door, that's available as well at a reasonable cost, or the "standard" option is no door at all, for maximum ventilation.

Choose a board and batten appearance for that classic look

The American coop is sided with exterior-grade southern yellow pine, unfinished, ready for you to paint or stain to suit your fancy. Many of the coops featured in the above pictures show the siding in a board and batten-look; these coops have the same appearance as traditional board and batten but they are constructed with flat siding, and the battens are nailed to them to achieve the desired look. This style is equally durable and made from the same southern yellow pine. It's a popular choice!

Panelized or Fully Assembled

The "Panelized" version of this coop has pre-built panels, and all you need to do is put them together. The only tools you'll need are a screw gun and hammer. Customers report that assembly of the coop and run has taken six to eight hours, and it's helpful to have a building partner.

Finally, you can purchase the "Fully Assembled" option and, well… just sit back on your porch with an iced tea and enjoy watching someone else do all the hard work for you! Please contact Customer Service to discuss the details of your installation and to get a custom quote for the assembly at your home.

What to know about shipping

Coops usually ship within six to eight weeks of placing your order, nine to ten weeks if you have included special requests. Once shipped, depending on your location, your American Coop may take another week or so to arrive.

Once your coop arrives, please carefully inspect it prior to signing for it. The manufacturer insures each American Coop for the full purchase price, but they can't replace any missing or damaged pieces "free of charge" unless its noted on the Bill of Lading that there is an indication of damage. Even if all you notice is that the wrapping on the pallet is not neat or is frayed, please do make a note of it before signing for the coop. You will then have up to 3 days from when you take delivery, to contact My Pet Chicken and file a claim with the manufacturer for exterior as well as interior damage or loss.

Panelized coop: Shipped on one pallet on a truck with a lift gate, and it will be dropped off at the end of your driveway. The pallet is 72" wide x 48" deep x 84" high.

Assembled coop: The manufacturer will deliver, assemble and place the coop exactly where you want it. Please contact Customer Service to discuss the details of your installation and to get a custom quote for the delivery and assembly at your home. Delivery will be made with a large pick-up truck and a large trailer.

Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. We can only ship within the United States. Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states and not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories.

Returns & Cancellations

There are no cancellations on this product once it has left our warehouse due to the high cost of shipping. Feel free to call us with your questions before you purchase so you're absolutely sure!

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