Day Care for Chickens (up to 8 chickens)

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Day Care For Chickens

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Day Care for Chickens is an easy-to-move, affordable, made in the USA chicken tractor for ranging your backyard flock safely! It's a life saver if you can't free range your chickens or (ducks, turkeys, guineafowl, or geese), but want to offer them fresh pasture nonetheless. Move your Day Care for Chickens pen daily to provide your flock "free" food in the form of insects, grasses and weeds — and let them fertilize your lawn in the process!

UV-treated canvas cover
The included UV-treated canvas shade/rain cover provides some protection from the elements. Colors may vary on the cover! For spring and summer 2020, for instance, it will be orange.

Roosting pole included
When your flock is ready to roost, the included perch is just the ticket! the roost runs the full width of the tractor. If you're using this tractor for waterfowl, though, don't bother with the perch. They won't use it!

Feeder and Drinker included
There's no need to lug your feeder and waterer back and forth from the coop. Your purchase comes with an attached waterer and tray or jar feeder, so all you'll have to do is fill them up.

Easy to Break Down and Store
If you want to put away your Day Care for Chickens in winter, it's just as easy to take apart and store as it is to assemble. It's a good idea to keep the shipping box for easy storage, too.

Predator Note: this is not a "permanent" coop, nor do we recommend you keep your flock in it overnight. It is for day-ranging only. If predators are a serious issue in your area, additional steps should be taken to protect your flock!

Materials Used:
Vinyl-coated chicken wire
Hand made, wood-framed door

46" tall at the ridgepole
5' by 6' footprint
Shipping box: 10" x 10" x 72"; 35 lbs

Your purchase includes:
One four quart Tag-Along Drinker
One 20" plastic tray or jar feeder
Welded 1" Square Aluminum Tubing frame
Vinyl coated 1" welded steel chicken wire netting
One wooden frame self-locking door (25"h X 18"w) large enough for all types of fowl
One wooden perches (1" x 3" x 50")
Two hundred Cable Ties
Two 8" wheels
UV Treated Canvas Shade/Rain Cover
Ground stakes to prevent blow over
Snips for trimming cable ties

Assembly instructions are included with your purchase. Tools aren't required to assemble the frame or secure the netting panels. The perch is shipped with pre-drilled holes to insert a zip tie into the side rails at whatever location you prefer. The handle is taped to the rafter into which it's meant to be inserted.

Once shipped, please allow up to 14 days to receive your tractor via UPS. Expedited shipping is not available with this item. Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii costs $125 extra.  Please call us if you need to place an order for this item and you're shipping to one of these states.

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