"Herb Garden" Chicken Coop (up to 4 chickens)

Herb Garden Chicken Coop
Herb Garden Chicken Coop
Herb Garden Chicken Coop
Herb Garden Chicken Coop - Interior
Herb Garden Chicken Coop - Ladder
Planting tray - feel free to line it!
Plant with what you like!
Herb Garden Chicken Coop - Nest Boxes
Nest Box lid props open
Herb Garden Chicken Coop - Rear
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Exclusively ours! We know so many of you love to garden, so we've designed this farmhouse-themed chicken coop to be planted. Add herbs, greens, flowers, and healing plants for your chickens; grow our Chicken Salad Seed Mix, or whatever you like. The Herb Garden chicken coop comes with all the features thousands of customers have enjoyed on our other chicken coop models, like:

  • Extra-deep droppings tray with security latches
  • Slide-open ventilation slots
  • 18" high run under the coop for maximum usability
  • Dual latches on every door to keep predators out
  • Plentiful roosting and nesting space
Your purchase even includes a 1/2" hardware cloth floor to prevent rodents and predators from digging under your coop and getting to your birds or feed! Please see below for more details on this special new chicken coop.


Product Features:

Dimensions at a glance:

  • Overall dimensions: 59.5" long x 32" wide x 51.5" high (interior)
  • Coop interior, excluding nest: 26" long x 29.5" wide x 31" high
  • Nest boxes (2): 13" long x 14" wide x 11.5" to 15" high (lowest to highest point)
  • Droppings tray: 2.5" deep
  • Run footprint: 58" long x 30" wide
  • Height of run under hen house: 18"
  • Lower roosting bar: 29.5" long, 10.5" from floor, 19.5" from peak, minimum 10" from wall
  • Upper roosting bar: 26" long, 16.25" from floor, 13.5" from peak, minimum 12" from wall
  • Sliding ventilation slots: open to 5.5" wide x 4" high, backed by 1/2" x 1/2" hardware cloth
  • Front door: 11" wide x 17" high
  • Run door: 23.5" wide x 15" high
  • Opening in floor for exit via ladder: 16.75" long x 9" wide
  • Chicken ladder: 31" long x 6" wide
  • Planter box interior: 28.5" long x 17.25" wide x 8.5" high
  • Total square footage: 20 square feet, including "house" level and "run" level

Roomy enough for three to four large fowl or five bantam chickens

With plenty of roosting and nesting space, you can happily house up to four standard-size chickens, or five or more bantams, depending on their size. Use your discretion; if you favor huge English Orpingtons, for instance, don't try to squeeze more than three in! If, on the other hand, you have breeds like Easter Eggers, Australorps, Speckled Sussex, Plymouth Rocks or Rhode Island Reds, the Herb Garden will easily accommodate four chickens.

This chicken coop, like every one we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. The "downstairs" run is convenient when you can't let your flock roam freely, but make sure your flock has several hours per day free-ranging or in a much larger run space.

Clean Breezes = No Sneezes

Adequate ventilation is one of the most important features of any chicken house. Chickens have especially sensitive respiratory systems, so airflow is key. That's why we designed the Herb Garden chicken coop with two adjustable ventilation slots, backed by half-inch hardware cloth to keep pests and predators out. And the opening from the "upstairs" of the chicken house to the "downstairs" run remains open, for extra airflow, too. (The window is fixed Plexiglas.)

Roost High, Nest Low

As any seasoned chicken keeper can tell you, chickens like to roost at night on the highest spot they can reach. (It's a status thing--don't ask!) And you know what chickens do in their sleep, right? They poop. A lot. So you sure don't want your hens sleeping where they nest, lest your eggs be smothered in poo! The Herb Garden chicken coop's rounded-edge roosting poles are placed high up enough that your flock won't be tempted to roost in their nest boxes, but low enough that their heads won't be smacking the ceiling when they jump up.

Double-Wide... 'Cause That's How We Roll

Seasoned chicken keepers will tell you that only one nest box is required for every four to five hens, so the double nesting box in the Herb Garden is more than adequate. You might think your hens would like the privacy of their own "stall"... but no. We often catch the rascals in our own coop laying eggs right on top of one another! For that reason, you might like the removable divider feature of the nest box, too.

To collect your eggs, just reach right in. The nest box has a lift-up access door, located about waist-high for an average-sized adult, and props to keep it open while you're collecting.

Poopy Coop?

Clean-out is a breeze: just pull out the metal-lined droppings tray, dump the soiled bedding into your compost pile, add fresh bedding and replace the tray! You may have noticed chicken coop droppings trays sold by some other outlets are barely an inch deep... We bet you can imagine what happens when you pull the tray out! The poopy bedding gets scraped by the frame above and falls right into the run below. How's helpful is that? Our droppings tray is an actually-usable 2.5" deep.

Bear in mind that the droppings tray won't be strong enough for you to place your waterer right on it (and you wouldn't want to, anyway — the hens would be pooping in it from above)! You'll want to place your feeder and waterer in the run below.

Extreme Predation Prevention

Today's fluffy, fat, slow pet chickens are like sitting ducks! They have no way to protect themselves from predators, so it's your job to keep them safe. Safety features on the Herb Garden chicken coop include:

  • Two barrel bolts on each door
  • Galvanized, welded, half-inch hardware cloth protecting the windows, sides and floor of the run
  • The half-inch hardware cloth "floor" secures to the coop with zip ties to keep rodents and digging predators out.
  • The roof is built with wood trim to match the contours of the material, so rodents and other pests can't sneak into the coop up and under the roof's humps.
  • Run, Chicken, Run!

    Each bird in your flock needs at least ten square feet of space outdoors, so if you plan to confine your flock full-time in this coop, we recommend you limit yourself to... maybe two tiny Serama bantams; nothing more. Yep, you read that right! If you want more than that, you need to provide them more outdoor space. That could come in many forms: you could free range your flock several hours each day; if you're handy, you could build out the back of their coop and enclose a much larger space; you could try out our Day Care For Chickens day-ranger; you might even place your coop inside a much larger, predator-proof run!

    Protect Your Coop Purchase...

    ...With a yearly paint. The natural wood material will break down over time. If you do not do this, you can realistically expect six to eight years' use out of this coop. If you keep it in good shape by sealing it annually, you'll have it for many years to come.

    Enhancements and Modifications

    While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.

    Shipping Notes

    Shipping is included in the price of your coop! Allow up to 2 weeks for arrival. It may ship on a truck with a lift gate; via UPS; it may even arrive via a local delivery service. The Herb Garden coop comes in two boxes. Box one is 37" x 33" x 8" and weighs 49 pounds. Box two is 45" x 30" x 3" and weighs 38 pounds.

    Wood material is Chinese Fir. Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. Also, we can only ship within the 48 contiguous states (not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories).

    Damages, Returns & Cancellations

    If your coop has been obviously damaged in shipment, please refuse the delivery so we may expedite sending you a new one. If you are unable to do so, report the damages to us within 48 hours, and we request that you send us pictures so we can determine which piece(s) are damaged and how we can best remedy it. Please be aware that superficial scratches and dings may occur in the shipping process, and that we will replace or refund you for any broken, missing, or damaged pieces.

    If you cancel your order before the coop leaves our warehouse, we'll refund you all but a $5 cancellation fee. If you'd like to cancel your order after it has left the warehouse, or return it once it has arrived to you, you'll be responsible for return shipping as well as a 15% restocking fee that will be withheld from the refund. Once you have assembled your coop it cannot be returned.

    Assembly Notes

    You don't need anything to assemble this coop. All the hardware is included, including a screwdriver and an awl in case a pre-drilled hole has been painted over or you can't see it. With two people, allow approximately 45 minutes; with just one, allow an hour and a half.