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Available Spring 2014!

New! We're so excited to introduce the "Hobbit Hole" chicken coop! This beautiful, unique chicken coop is designed and made by hand by a wonderful family in Maine.  We carry three sizes, and the medium size comfortably houses eight to ten chickens. See below for more details.

Product Features:

The Medium Hobbit Hole at a Glance

  • Henhouse dimenions: 8' 6" wide in the front, 5' wide in the back, 4' 6" tall, 5' 9" deep front to back
  • Interior Footprint: 5' wide by 4' deep
  • Nest boxes: Two attached to rear wall exterior, size 13" long by 13" wide by 15" tall
  • Total roosting space: 5'
  • Windows: Four 7" diameter round windows, backed by 1/2" hardware cloth. Two front, two rear.
  • Wall material: Pine
  • Floor material: AdvanTech flooring panel for superior strength and moisture resistance

Features & Options

  • Cleaner Coop: Make clean-up a breeze! Add the lift-out linoleum insert for just $35.
  • Insulated Floor: If you live in a super-cold climate, add a 1" foam underlay to your floor for just $35 more.
  • Exterior Colors: the Hobbit Hole comes unpainted and untreated, both interior and exterior. You can paint it yourself, or we'll do it for you! Interior walls, exterior siding and trim can be painted for $300 (see chart of available colors at right, below).
  • Roof: Asphalt shingles are standard, or for $500 more, stay in keeping with the styles of Middle-earth with our "live edge cedar roof" option.

Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkein's The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

What a beautiful domicile for your chickenses! They'll be the envy of The Shire--and your neighborhood--when you move them into their very own Hobbit Hole. This charming coop is not just a fantastic architectural feature to add to your property, it will provide excellent, comfortable shelter to your flock for years to come. Evoking imagery from Tolkien's Middle Earth, the round door and windows and the domed roof on the front of the coop are enchantingly attractive, and the rear rectangular door and roof provide easy access for cleaning.

Three sizes to accommodate up to fifteen birds

This coop comes in three different sizes, to accommodate anywhere from five to fifteen birds. This is the medium coop and comes standard with four, seven-inch round windows. Your birds will enjoy the sunshine and cross-breezes afforded by the front and rear placement of these windows, which are lined with half-inch hardware cloth to provide protection from predators.

Built with the strength of Ents and Dwarves

The walls are constructed of sturdy pine, and as a standard, come unpainted/untreated. However, you have a variety of color combinations from which to choose, if you'd like to upgrade and have our manufacturer paint the exterior siding and trim(see chart of available colors at right, below). The roof material is sturdy asphalt shingless; you can also upgrade to the rustic and durable live edge cedar shingles, which includes a continuous layer of impermeable ice and water shield under the cedar roofing. A hidden roof ridge vent insures circulation and improves air quality, while also helping to regulate the coop temperature and humidity levels.

Stalwart flooring

The wisdom of wizards is evident in the use of AdvanTech material for the main floor as well as the floor and roof of the nest boxes, which provides strength, rigidity, and superior moisture resistance. Keeping your coop dry is an important aspect of a healthy flock, and so this is an especially advantageous material in that regard! There are two flooring upgrade options available, the first of which is a lift-out linoleum insert to make waste cleanup an easy task--simply lift and fold up the insert and bring it out of the rear door. There is also a the option of a lift-out linoleum insert for easy of cleanup. Finally, if you live in a cold area, you may wish to consider upgrading to the 1" R-5 foam (installed underneath the AdvanTech flooring)for better insulation.

No dangerous journey or defeat of Orcs required

Collecting eggs is as easy as convincing Hobbits to partake in Second Breakfast, with convenient outdoor access via the external hinged lid of the next box. These latch via hook and eye to provide security against invaders like raccoons--if a group of Oliphaunt war-beasts shows up, however, you may wish to call upon your contacts within the Rohirrim for further assistance. Nest boxes are constructed of pine with an AdvanTech top and bottom. An appropriate number of nest boxes is built into each size model--with the small and medium versions having the nest boxes installed on the rear wall, and side wall installations for the large model.

Shipping and Assembly

Shipping is available to 48 contiguous states, and you will receive advance notice of arrival. Your Medium Hobbit Hole will arrive fully assembled, packed in a crate measuring 102" long x 72" wide x 60" high, and weighing 675 pounds. The crate is too large for a lift gate, so you will need to arrange for a means to bring it off of the truck and into place--be it man or machine.


on this product once it has left the manufacturer's warehouse due to the high cost of shipping. Feel free to call us with your questions before you purchase so you're absolutely sure!