Smart Easy Clean Chicken Coop (up to 6 chickens)

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Smart Coop with Extension
Smart Coop with Extension
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We love this coop! It's an incredible value, it's easy to assemble, and it was designed and made right here in the USA by a savvy "mompreneur" we love.

Shipping: Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment, and another three to eight days for your coop to arrive. See more details, below!


Product Features:

Details at a glance

  • Dimensions: 4' high x 3' long x 3.5' wide
  • Add-On Run Dimensions: 25" high x 43" long x 36" wide
  • Bird Capacity: Up to 6 chickens
  • Roosting Space: 74"
  • Nesting Box: One Removable 13" W x 15" L nest
  • Hardware: Zinc Coated Metal
  • Screening: 1/2" hardware cloth
  • Assembled Weight: 96 lbs
  • Siding Material: 11/32 in SmartCore(R) siding
  • Roof Material: Corrugated Galvanized Steel
  • Frame Material: 2" Oregon Douglas Fir
  • Paint: Premium exterior semi gloss and Premium Primer/Sealer
  • Chicken door accommodates an automatic coop door opener/closer (not included)

Cozy quarters

The Easy-Clean Chicken Coop is designed accommodate natural chicken behavior so your hens can sleep and lay eggs naturally and securely! They prefer to sleep on roosting poles, not nesting boxes or other flat surfaces, and the Easy-Clean Coop has 74" of roosting space, which is more than enough for up to six hens. It also comes with one nesting box--in our experience, there's no point in providing more for a small flock, because they opt to take turns and lay their eggs in just one--the one they mysteriously decide is "the best."

Add room for more chickens!

Purchase the Lean-To extension now or down the line, and add capacity for up to four more hens! It creatively and tastefully expands your coop and adds an enclosed area to the coop side. It holds 3 nesting boxes and allows for an in-coop feeder tray–-all easily removable. You also get 4 more feet of roosting pole space! (The "feeder" is a storage container that can be purchased at your local superstore. Your purchase includes directions for cutting the lid in order to convert it to a feeder.) The Lean-To props open for easy access and cleaning.

Personalize your coop with your own creative input

Choose from our three semi-gloss finish colors; our primed coop, which has a painted interior and white, finish-coat legs; or our unpainted coop (save some money and do it yourself!) If you choose a painted coop, your purchase comes with touch-up paint and a brush for any dings or dents down the line.

A trim kit is included with all coops.However, it is NOT installed on the primed or unpainted coops because they should be painted before the trim is mounted.The trim kit includes front side trim pieces, window trim and chalkboard paint to create "windows." It includes 9.5 feet of premium lattice wood, perfectly cut to size with brad nails to attach the trim. After attaching, simply use the chalkboard paint to create the windows! Not only will this coop look great in your yard, but its low profile and small footprint minimally impact neighbors, while contributing to your backyard's charm.

Please keep in mind that this coop, like every coop we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. You will need to provide an outdoor run area in which your hens can spend most of their time--or allow them to free range.

Easy access and cleaning

To get to your "girls" and eggs, you'll prop open the roof panels with the included rod. Cleaning-wise, this coop is a dream: the manure falls directly to the ground, where ventilation through ground-level screens dries out the manure. To clean out the poop, simply open the screen door under the coop to rake out the poop. No more need for gloves, wheelbarrows or holding your breath to avoid the smelly stench. This not only reduces smelly build-up, but cuts your cleaning time down to less than half the time!

Handmade in the USA and built to last many years

All coops are made with premium materials and screwed together (not nailed), which lends strength. The builders make each and every coop as if they were building them for their own backyards. The coop's design keeps the hens safe, clean and comfortable-and, equally importantly-greatly simplifies the hen keeper's chores, all while enhancing the look of backyards.

Predator proof

With help from the hens, the coop has been thoroughly tested and refined. Even the neighborhood predators have contributed their input by demonstrating that the Easy-Clean Chicken coop keeps out coyotes, dogs, cats, opossums, raccoons, skunks and other suburban nightlife. All you'll need is to secure the footprint of your coop to prevent predators from digging under the coop walls. Popular choices are 1/2" hardware cloth, or 12" paver stones, both of which can be purchased from your local home improvement store.

Cold weather package

If you have cold winters that regularly drop below thirty degrees, you'll want to cover the lower screened panels to protect your girls from drafts, as this coop has no floor. You can put together something yourself if you have extra plywood or tarp material laying around the house, or you can purchase our cold weather package from the pull-down menu above.Our Winterizer Coop Pack comes with 5 twin wall clear poly covers.The twin wall adds extra insulation and is what is used for greenhouses across the country.They are easily and quickly mountable, yet store easily during the warm months.

Return policy

If you've placed your order and changed your mind, no problem! You will receive a full refund if your product has not shipped. If it is en route or you've already received it, you'll need to ship it back to us. Your refund will be processed once we have received the return shipment.

We will refund or replace any broken, damaged or missing pieces. Please let us know as soon as possible after receipt of the package for speedy service, and be prepared to provide us photos so we can identify the pieces you need.

Easy 30-minute assembly

The Easy-Clean Chicken Coop is designed and built by a very busy mom/hen keeper and her engineer husband, in order to make backyard chicken keeping as easy and (and stylish!) as possible. They fully build the coops on site, and then partially disassemble them for shipment. This process makes it very easy for you to re-assemble. (And you don't have to be a brute to put it back together! No part weighs more than 15 pounds.) You'll simply need a screwdriver or power drill, to insert screws in pre-drilled holes, and attach the roosting pole and roof trusses. Here is a video that takes you step by step through the assembly process.

What to know about shipping

The Easy-Clean Chicken Coop ships in three boxes, via UPS. Box one is 50 lbs and is 48" x 24" x 6". Box two is 50 lbs, and is 42" x 36" x 6". Box three is just 5 lbs, and is 18" x 16" x 12". The Easy-Clean Chicken Coop typically ships within two weeks of placing your order. The additional run is 39 lbs and ships in a box that is 48" x 30" x 3".

Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. Also, we can only ship within the United States. Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states and not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories.

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