The Emily Chicken Coop (for 6-8 chickens)

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Coops with Run sale extended to February 9!

The Emily chicken coop houses up to eight chickens. If you want the look of a pretty, miniature barn for your hardworking hens, you'll love the Emily chicken coop. And if you want a coop that's easy-care, this is also the coop for you!

The lovely little Emily coop barn-ette has all most desirable features of modern backyard chicken coops, including easy egg collection and plenty of nests (in case anyone goes broody). All this in a mobile coop with easy-pull handles. You can get her "bare bones" or deck your miniature barn out with extra runs, rooster decor, a weather vane, all-weather panels, and more. The details are up to you!

Keep reading for more details about the Emily coop and her adorable options.


Product Features:

Dimensions at a glance:

  • Coop dimensions: 48” wide x 58” long x 65” high
  • Optional Run Extension Dimensions: 48” wide x 56” long x 25” high
  • Chicken Door: (2) 12” wide x 27” high
  • Chicken Ladder: 5-½” wide x 50” long
  • Nest boxes: (4) 10” x 12” nest boxes
  • Chicken Coop 2nd-Level Floor: 32” wide x 48” long
  • Height of enclosed coop run: 25”
  • Chicken Roost: 53” long
  • Vents: (2) 8” high x 50” long

Materials at a glance:

  • Hardware: zinc-galvanized steel
  • Siding: comes standard with a Pre-Primed Smart Panel Product or fir siding for a slight upcharge
  • Roof: 29 gauge steel roofing with trim to prevent sharp edges
  • Coop 2nd Level Flooring: a fixed plastic floor with a wooden frame
  • Run: ½” galvanized, 14-gauge hardware cloth, framed by 2x4 ACQ pressure-treated lumber

Quality-made in America

The Emily chicken coop has been made with pride in the USA, designed with durability in mind! All wood touching the ground is ACQ pressure-treated, 2x4 lumber. Hardware is heavy duty and zinc-galvanized, meaning it won't easily rust. The steel roof will extend the life of your coop. The standard siding is a Pre-Primed Smart Panel product, or you can choose to order untreated fir siding for an additional charge. Both types of siding are very durable. The standard siding should outlast the fir siding. However, even the unfinished fir siding should last 10-15 years, and it weathers beautifully to gray.Plus, if you choose to stain, clear coat, or paint your siding, your coop will last even longer.


Good ventilation is so important for chickens, because they can be susceptible to respiratory issues. That's why this coop has two hinged 8" high by 50” long ventilation slots, complete with skylights to let in natural light even when they are closed! The vents can be raised to circulate fresh air and they can be closed in bad weather.

Predator protection

The coop doors have heavy-duty locking mechanisms, so you can be sure your flock will sleep safe and sound after you lock them in at night. But you should attach hardware cloth to the footprint of your coop to keep out predators that dig. You can either do this yourself, or you can purchase our wire mesh floor panels which screw right into the bottom of your coop and run extension.

Covered run for outdoor enjoyment

In rainy or snowy weather, chickens will often (grudgingly!) stay inside. The covered run included with this coop will ensure that your flock has access to the fresh outdoor air even when the weather is "foul." Plus, two of the run's walls under the coop are paneled for protection from breezes and snow. And you can purchase a run extension to give your flock even more space. All-weather panels can also be ordered for both the coop and run extension!

The Emily chicken coop's run is accessible from the second floor of the coop. There is a chicken ladder from the second level down to the ground.

Please keep in mind that this chicken coop, like every one we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. The run is convenient when you can't let your flock roam freely, but make sure they have several hours per day in a larger run or free-ranging.

Easy egg collection

This coop has four hinged side panels to give you easy access to the nesting boxes. Simply unlatch and lift the panel to collect your eggs. (Make sure to re-latch it when you're done to keep out sneaky predators.)

Clean-up is simple!

The whole footprint of the Emily chicken coop rests on the ground, a natural droppings tray! When the ground starts to accumulate droppings, you can move the coop, chicken tractor style, to a new resting place using the built-in handles on each end of the coop.

The nesting boxes on the second level rest on a strong plastic floor that cleans up easily. The floor is lined with corrugated fiberglass paneling material, which won't rot, mold, mildew or decompose.

Paint it, stain it, or let it weather naturally

The Emily chicken coop comes unfinished. The Pre-Primed Smart Panel product that comes standard is durable and need not be treated in any way because the primer is suitable as a finished coat. That said, you can paint over it if you prefer to customize the finish of your coop. Please refer to the Katy chicken coop to see the Pre-Primed Smart Panel product.

If you order your coop with the optional fir wood siding (shown above), your coop will achieve a beautiful, gray, weathered wood look over time, much like cedar. Alternately, you can clear coat the fir to bring out the richness of the grain, or stain/paint it to coordinate with your house colors! Whatever you decide to do, the attractive lines of this coop will make it a handsome addition to your yard!

Personalize it with a weather vane and/or a rooster silhouette

If you love the look of this chicken coop, you can class it up even more with some economical "extras": wire flooring to keep out rodents and digging predators, an attractive rooster weather vane made from recycled aluminum and painted black! You can also add a rooster silhouette to your coop; they come in gloss black or gloss white and are made of heavy 16 gauge steel.


This coop kit will be shipped in (4) 59” long x 27" wide x 7” high boxes; (2)69 lb boxes, (1)61 lb box and (1)59 lb box. The run extension kit will be shipped in (2) boxes the same size as above, and each will weigh 32 lbs. Assembled the coop will weigh 258 lbs.

All pilot holes are pre-drilled, hardware is included, and assembly instructions are easy to follow. Allow approx. 8 hours to complete the build or make it a leisurely weekend project!


Please allow up to six weeks for your coop to arrive.

Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. Also, we can only ship within the United States. Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states but not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other U.S. territories.