The Sidekick Chicken Coop (up to 6 chickens)

Window props open and securely shuts
Hanging trough feeder
Removable floor
Interior; roosts lift for cleaning
Interior facing toward door to run
All doors and windows open
Rear view with vent and nest box opened
Secure nest box lid hardware
Locking chicken door from run to outdoors
Locking chicken door from run to outdoors
Ladder from coop to run
Run door locks securely
Run cross-vent slot props open
Red metal roof
Color choices for roof, siding and trim

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This beautiful, made in America chicken coop is incredibly heavy-duty and designed smart! "The Sidekick" houses up to six chickens and is My Pet Chicken vetted and approved, which means it has all the features required for easy care and keeping of happy, healthy chickens. The “Sidekick” arrives fully assembled! Personalize with colors of your choosing!

While we make every effort to ensure the product you purchase meets your expectations, the actual product may differ slightly from images and renderings shown due to enhancements and/or modifications made at the discretion of the manufacturer.


Product Features:

Details at a glance

  • Overall dimensions: Approx. 5'-6" h x 3' wide x 6' long (not including the nest box)
  • Height at lowest point of roof: Approx. 4'-4" at back
  • Nest box: Three total; 8.5" x 11" x 11" each on the interior
  • Interior coop footprint: 34.5" x 35.5"
  • Height of run under house: 26"
  • Length of roost: 35.5"
  • Rear vent: 5" x 32", backed by 1/2" x 1" 14-gauge hardware cloth
  • Front window: 10" x 12", backed by 1/2" x 1" 14-gauge hardware cloth
  • Hardware: zinc-galvanized steel
  • Siding: Smartside Panel engineered wood.
  • Roof: 29 gauge structural metal roofing with trim to prevent sharp edges.
  • Run: 1" x 1/2" galvanized, 14-gauge hardware cloth, framed by 2x4 ACQ pressure-treated lumber
  • Color choices: Tan, Hunter, Brilliant, Taupe, Rustic. See the

Quality-Made in America

This coop has been made with pride in the USA, designed with durability in mind. All wood touching the ground is ACQ pressure-treated, 2x4 lumber. Hardware is heavy duty and zinc-galvanized, meaning it won't easily rust. The "Smartside Panel" siding is an engineered product which resists termites and fungal decay. Inside and out are treated with a clear coat primer, and the outside is topped by premium, exterior-grade paint. The roof is a 20-year structural steel, 29 gauge, that will bear even the heaviest of snow loads. Bubble-type insulation under the roof both protects against temperature extremes and provides a noise barrier when it's raining (some people report their chickens are spooked out of laying by those loud noises!). The wire mesh in the run and backing the windows is an incredibly sturdy 14-gauge, galvanized hardware cloth.

There are other thoughtful touches throughout, like props for the windows, vent and the nest box lid; embedded eyebolts for dragging the coop to a new location, and more.


Good ventilation is so important for chickens, who are susceptible to respiratory issues. That's why this coop has both a prop-open rear ventilation slot that runs almost the whole the width of the coop's interior, and a 10" x 12" window on the front. Both prop open from the bottom, so you can keep them open even in the rain.

Predator Protection

Every potential point of entry on this coop is protected with heavy-duty locking mechanisms, so you can be sure your flock will sleep safe and sound after you lock them in at night. If you would like to leave open the door from the interior of the coop to the run at all times, it's important that you attach hardware cloth to the footprint of your coop to keep out predators that dig.

Free bonus: Trough Feeder

The handcrafted wooden hanging trough feeder pictured above comes free with your purchase. The design saves space and will make it virtually impossible for your chickens to scratch their shavings in and make a mess. Hang it about three inches off the ground, so the top of the feeder is at back height, and make sure that even your smallest chicken has no problem reaching the feed.

Covered Run For Outdoor Playtime

In rainy or snowy weather, chickens will often (grudgingly!) stay inside. The covered run included with this coop is a wonderful way to make sure your flock has access to the fresh outdoor air even when the weather is "foul." Two of the walls under the coop are even paneled for protection from breezes and snow. The run even includes a roosting pole! Please keep in mind that this chicken coop, like every one we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. The run is convenient when you can't let your flock roam freely, but make sure they have several hours per day in a larger run or free-ranging.

Easy Egg Collection and Cleaning

The exterior nest box, with its prop-open lid, makes egg collection a breeze. The 3-hole nest box lifts right out when it's time to clean.

Removable Floor Panels

The floor of the coop interior is broken into two panels, both of which are removable. We love this design for two reasons: One, you can slide the panels right out and dump soiled bedding straight into your compost, and two, in the summer months you can remove those panels entirely for excellent air flow, if desired (and only if you attach hardware cloth to the floor of your coop to keep out digging predators). The center floor support will even act as an additional roosting pole, giving your birds extra space. This feature is especially helpful for people who live in very hot climates.

Personalize with Four Color Choices

The color chart above shows your choices for the roof, siding and trim. Mix and match as you see fit! In the coop shown above, the paint is "tan," and the roof and trim are "rustic." The window will be white unless you specify otherwise in the "order notes" section at checkout.

What to Know About Shipping and Assembly

The "Sidekick" chicken coop can be shipped anywhere within the continental United States, and arrives fully assembled! Plan to have three able-bodied individuals on hand for the shipment to remove the crate from the delivery truck and place it in your yard. The coop weighs around 500 pounds! Finally, expect up to six weeks for delivery, as each chicken coop is made to order.

Please note: we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. We can only ship within the United States. Shipment of chicken coops is limited to the 48 contiguous states and not Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories.