"The Townhouse" Chicken Coop (up to 3 chickens)

Townhouse Chicken Coop
Townhouse Chicken Coop
Townhouse Chicken Coop
Sliding ventilation slot
Townhouse Chicken Coop
Townhouse Chicken Coop - left side
Townhouse Chicken Coop - right side
Townhouse Chicken Coop
Townhouse Chicken Coop
Townhouse Chicken Coop Interior
Townhouse Chicken Coop Interior
Townhouse Chicken Coop Interior
Townhouse Chicken Coop Interior
Townhouse Chicken Coop run
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Heard of Tiny Houses? Well, this is a tiny chicken coop. The Townhouse is the perfect little coop for starting out small, or to add to your yard if "chicken math" has gotten you in trouble. It's also ideal for a broody and her chicks; a hospital; for quarantining new birds; or for a breeding trio. The price virtually makes this one a no-brainer!

House for up to three large fowl or four bantam chickens in the Townhouse chicken coop. Just like all the coops we offer at My Pet Chicken, this one is loaded with features for ease of use, like an extra-deep droppings tray, a roost for perching at night, plenty of ventilation, windows to let the light in, and more! See below to learn more about this new model.


Product Features:

Dimensions at a glance:

  • Overall dimensions: 37.5" wide x 23" deep x 41" high (interior)
  • Henhouse dimensions (excluding roof and run): 35" wide x 23" deep x 23" high
  • Run height: 18"
  • Run door: 14.5" wide x 15" high
  • Roosting bar: 22"
  • Droppings tray depth: 2.5"
  • Front doors (two): 14.25" wide x 8" high
  • Rear ventilation slot: Opens to 4.5" wide x 8" high, backed by 1/2" hardware cloth
  • Total square footage: 8

Tiny Living At Its Best!

The Townhouse is the do-everything chicken coop. Check it out:

  • Starting small? House 2 large fowl or 3+ bantams.
  • Introducing new birds to the flock? Quarantine them here for good biosecurity.
  • Have an injured bird? Give her time to heal away from curious beaks.
  • Have a broody you'd like to hatch some eggs? Give her space away from the rest of the flock.
  • Two roosters fighting? Put one in time-out.
  • Current coop not big enough? Give 'em a little more space
  • Baby chicks stinking up your house? Move them in the Townhouse instead!

  • Space for 2-4 Chickens

    You can happily house up to three smaller largefowl chickens (like Polish), two larger largefowl chickens (like Orpingtons), or three or more bantams in the Townhouse, depending on their size. (You could easily fit four Seramas, for instance, but if you have bantam Cochins, we'd limit to three.) This chicken coop, like every one we sell at My Pet Chicken, is NOT intended for full-time confinement. The run is convenient when you can't let your flock roam freely, but make sure your birds have several hours per day free-ranging or in a much larger run.

    Clean Breezes = No Sneezes

    Adequate ventilation is one of the most important features of any chicken house. Chickens have especially sensitive respiratory systems, so air flow is key. That's why our Townhouse Coop contains an adjustable ventilation slot in the rear, plus an open "staircase" area that allows good air exchange from the open run below. The vent slot is backed by half-inch hardware cloth to keep pests and predators out. (The front window is backed by plexiglas and is for light only.)

    Eggs? Just Reach Right In

    This chicken house is so petite, it doesn't require its own nest box. Hens will naturally be attracted to the darkest corner to lay their eggs. You can just open the 14.25" wide x 8" high front door and grab them!

    Poopy Coop?

    Cleanout is a breeze: just pull out the metal-lined droppings tray, dump the soiled bedding into your compost pile, add fresh bedding and replace the tray. You may have noticed chicken coops sold on some other outlets are less than an inch deep... We bet you can imagine what happens when you pull the tray out! The poopy bedding gets scraped by the frame above and falls underneath. How's helpful is that? Our droppings tray is an actually-usable 2.5" deep on the interior.

    Unique Platform System

    We've noticed that chickens don't often use their ladders to ascend to the coop. Instead, they tend to jump right up. (Insulted by the offer of help?) At any rate,the Townhouse chicken coop has removable platforms, so rather than climbing up a ladder, your flock can hop from one to the next to gain entry "upstairs." If you find they don't prefer the platforms, you can take them right out and let them hop up, as they're wont to do.

    Predation Prevention

    Today's fluffy, fat, slow pet chickens are like sitting ducks! They have no way to protect themselves from predators, so it's the job of the chicken-keeper to make sure they're safe. The Townhouse chicken coop has two barrel bolts on each door, and galvanized, welded, half-inch hardware cloth protecting the ventilation slot and the sides of the run. However, if given adequate time, a predator could dig under the run and snatch an easy meal. You will want to prepare for this possibility before bringing your chickens to their new home. You might place your chicken coop on an underlayment like brick or concrete pavers; you might just attach a piece of hardware cloth under the run with zip ties or a staple gun; you might place their entire chicken coop inside a larger, predator-proof run. The choice is up to you! Just be aware you'll need to think this one through in advance.

    Run, Chicken, Run!

    Each bird in your flock needs at least ten square feet of space, so if you plan to confine your flock full-time in this coop, we recommend you limit yourself to... 80% of a chicken. If that's not quite what you had in mind, you'll need to provide them more space outdoors. That could come in many forms: you could free range your flock during daylight hours; if you're handy, you could build a larger run that attaches to the existing one; you could put this coop inside an existing chicken run or even a a dog run!

    Protect Your Coop Purchase...

    ...With a yearly stain or seal. The natural wood material will break down over time. If you do not, you can realistically expect six to eight years' use out of this coop. If you keep it in good shape by sealing it annually, you'll have it for many years to come.

    Shipping Notes

    UPS Ground shipping is included! Allow up to 2 weeks for arrival. The Townhouse Coop comes in one box, 43" x 25" x 12", and weighs 49 pounds.

    Please note:we do not have a storefront and orders cannot be picked up from our location. Also, we can only ship within the 48 contiguous states.

    Damages, Returns & Cancellations

    If your coop has been obviously damaged in shipment, please refuse the delivery so we may expedite sending you a new one. If you are unable to do so, report the damages to us within 48 hours, and we request that you send us pictures so we can determine which pieces are damaged and how we can best remedy it. Please be aware that superficial scratches and dings may occur in the shipping process, and that we will replace or refund you for any broken, missing, or damaged pieces.

    If you cancel your order before the coop leaves our warehouse, we'll refund you all but a $5 cancellation fee. If you'd like to cancel your order after it has left the warehouse, or return it once it has arrived to you, you'll be responsible for return shipping as well as a 15% restocking fee that will be withheld from the refund. Please note, once you have assembled your coop it cannot be returned.

    Assembly Notes

    All you need is a screwdriver! All the hardware is included, and most holes are pre-drilled. With two people, allow approximately ten minutes; with just one, allow fifteen to twenty. Once you construct the coop, we recommend you let it "air out" for a bit before moving your chickens in. The non-toxic wood stain emits an odor that disappears over time.

    When it comes time to build your chicken coop, use these assembly instructions; the ones that come with your coop are small and harder to see!