Welded Wire Chicken Yard

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Not everyone has a big fenced backyard for their flock! If you have a permanently-sited coop with a small, attached run, and you want an easy way to extend the secure space to which your chickens have access, you've found it!

Use this welded wire chicken pen as a run extension or a temporary chicken "daycare" if you don't have a fenced area for ranging. This chicken yard is complete with a welded wire top and front door that is double-latched for added protection. The wire is 2"x2" wire mesh, and the bottom twelve inches is 1"x2" for added security and to keep smaller birds from going in and out of the pen.

Just like a mobile "tractor style" coop that allows you to move your birds to fresh pasture as needed to keep them entertained and happy, this pen can be moved (with assistance) to different areas of your yard--or you can place it in a convenient spot and leave it.

Best sited on a flat area. One 14 mm socket wrench is all you should need to assemble this Chicken Yard.

Dimensions: Length 7' x Width 8' x Height 48"

Door: Width 37", Height 37"

Ships freight, 271 pounds

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