Browbeaten Biddy Care Kit (Save big!)

Browbeaten Biddy Care Kit
Green Goo herbal wound salve
Pink Feather Protector
Poultry Wound Spray
Feeding Syringe
Chunky Chicken Caviar

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This Browbeaten Biddy "Care Package" for chickens will help that poor, picked-on hen in your flock! We've included all the products she'll need to recover and heal. And know that when you buy this package, you'll save more than $10 over purchasing the items individually!

This Chicken Care Package includes:

  • Poultry Wound spray, 16 oz: an antiseptic to apply directly to wounds
  • Green Goo herbal wound salve, Travel Size: to apply after the Wound Spray, to encourage your hen's wounds to heal as quickly as possible
  • Pampered Poultry Feather Guard: a saddle to cover your hen's back so she can heal without being picked on
  • Feeding syringe: to hand-feed your weakened biddy, if necessary
  • Chunky Chicken Caviar, 11 oz: MPC's own line of treat, loaded with healthy fats, insects, kelp, spirulina and more, to help that browbeaten biddy bounce back!
  • Pick-No-More Lotion, 4 oz, a proven peck-control product, covers up bare skin that is attractive to aggressive birds. You can apply it after your browbeaten biddy heals, and to any other hens with bare skin likely to be picked at!
Please use the drop-down menu above to select a size for the Feather Guard protective saddle. Sizing is as follows:
Small - For most Bantams/very small Standard chickens. Breastbone to tail: 6-10".
Medium - For most egg layers/average-sized chickens. Breastbone to tail: 7-12"
Large - For large breeds and roosters. Breastbone to tail: 8-14"

* Please note, the basket pictured is not included with your purchase.

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