Chick First Aid Kit

Chick First Aid Kit - complete
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Probiotic and Electrolyte Packs
Splay Leg Bands
Splay Leg Band Instructions
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Foot & Leg Splint for chicks
gauze pads
Cohesive Bandage
Sterile Saline Wipes
Vinyl Gloves
Feeding Syringe
First Aid Kit Instructions

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New Chick First Aid Kit for 2022! Our team of eggs-perts here at My Pet Chicken combined our years of chicken-keeping experience to come up with these essential items that every new chick owner should have on hand. Clean, treat, and dress wounds to ensure that your baby bird bounces back from its injury! This kit is appropriate for most types of fowl and poultry, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, quail, pheasant, and more. (The leg splint and splay leg bands may not fit turkey poults or waterfowl.)

This Chick First Aid includes:
plastic case (1), cohesive bandage roll (1), splay leg bands (2), feeding syringe for hand-feeding and watering (1), vitamins & electrolytes for poultry (1 packet), probiotics for poultry, (1 packet), vinyl gloves (1 pair), tweezers (1), gauze pad (1 pack with 2 gauze pads), scissors (1), saline wipes (2), Gro-Gel (1), leg splint (1), instruction card (1.) We highly recommend purchasing Amprol 128 Powder along with it to help treat cocciciosis (just add it using the dropdown menu before you add to cart.) We excluded this product from the kit since many customers may already have it. See below for full product details.

Designed & made in the USA.

Need to care for an older bird in your flock? Check out our First Aid Kit for Poultry.


Product Features:

This Chick First Aid Kit includes:

Plastic Case (1 case, 5" x 3.5" x 2")
Transport and store your first aid kit with ease!

Splay Leg Bands (2 bands)
Give your injured or splayed-leg chicks a fighting chance with this Splay Leg Band. They make it easier to offer home treatment for splay leg issues. If you spot splay leg and offer treatment early on, it can be corrected and healed within a few days.

Vinyl Gloves (1 pair)
Wash your hands and wear gloves while you are tending to your injured bird. This will help keep you from inadvertently introducing infection-causing organisms to open wounds.

Sterile Saline Wipes (Two packets. Packaging may vary.)
Use saline to clean minor wounds prior to dressing them. You may also use these wipes to losen up and clean dried poop from pasty butt.

GroGel with DPP (One package, 100 doses)
GroGel is a delicious gelatin that chicks love. It helps provide hydration, vitamins, and nutrients, along with beneficial bacteria, all to help give baby chicks a great start! Simply mix each packet with half a cup of cold water to create the gelatin supplement, and offer the mixture to your baby chicks (or poultry of any sort). We recommend offering it to newly-arrived baby chicks right away, and offering the first food and water within an hour or two, or as soon as the GroGel is consumed – whichever comes first.

Tweezers (One stainless steel, 4")
Use these metal tweezers to remove any irritants from wounds.

Foot and Leg Splint (One splint)
Give your injured chick a fighting chance with this leg splint. Easily offer home treatment for your chicks with curled toes, broken toes, feet or leg issues.

Gauze Pads (One package with two gauze pads, 2"x 2")
Once your chick's wound has been cleaned, and any antibiotic ointment or coagulant wound powder has been applied, use these gauze pads to dress and protect the wound. You will need to secure it with cohesive bandage wrap that is also included in this kit.

Cohesive Bandage Wrap (One roll, 1" x 5 yds)
Veterinarians have been using this lightweight compression bandage tape to secure dressings for ages. You don't need any clips or fasteners! This self-adhesive wrap sticks to itself, not to other materials or skin. When you remove it, it won't tear your bird's tender skin.

Scissors (One pair, 4.5")
Use for cutting open packaging, for cutting cohesive bandage and gauze, or for any other first aid needs.

Vitamins & Electrolytes for Poultry (One packet, 5gm)
Give your stressed or injured chick a nutritional boost! This supplement provides a source of essential vitamins and electrolytes to help your chicks and waterfowl recover and stay hydrated and healthy. Dosing is easy: just add one pack to a gallon of water. Your flock will love the taste.

Probiotics for Poultry (One packet, 3gm)
We've all heard a lot about the health benefits of probiotics in the last decade. Fowl can benefit from them, too! Give a boost to stressed chicks and help support their digestive system and aid in nutrient absorption. Dosing is easy: just add one pack to a gallon of water during times of injury or stress.

Syringe for Hand-Feeding and Watering (One syringe, 5 ml)
If you have an especially weak chick, he or she may need hand-feeding and watering until they're recovered. This kit includes one syringe for offering hydration and nutrition. For food, we recommend creating a slurry from normal chick feed by mixing it with warm water until you've created a homogeneous liquid, to allow the food to be taken up by the syringe. Alternately, many chicken keepers offer yogurt with feeding syringes.