Chick Flic Ammonia Zapper, 5lb

Chick Flic Odor Eliminator
Chick Flic Odor Eliminator
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Patent-pending formula!  Chick Flic safely eliminates ammonia and odor from your brooder and coop, improves overall air quality (which means a reduced risk of respiratory illness), extends the life of your bedding, and best of all, improves the rate at which your bedding composts!

Ammonia is a by-product of poultry waste, which is harmful to the eyes and respiratory system of birds. Chick Flic is specially formulated to break down harmful chemicals and odor, and help create a healthy environment for your girls. For those of you who practice the deep litter method, ammonia control is especially important in maintaining healthy air quality.

A little goes a long way: only 1 tbsp per square foot of bedding does the trick! For up to six chickens, one bag will last about 6 months; for twelve chickens, one bag will last three months, and so on.

·  Special, patented ingredient breaks down ammonium into ammonium sulfate
·  Reacts with ammonia to form a non-volatile, benign inorganic salt
·  Lowers pH of base bedding to improve ammonia control
·  Aids in maintaining dry litter
·  May help reduce fly populations
·  Reduces coop odor


See a video demonstration of the science behind Chic Flic:

Mischa Koster of Black Rose Farm endorses Chick Flic:

Directions for use:

Sprinkle lightly over the entire scratch area.  Use more if the litter is deep or has a strong ammonia smell. We find wet litter and poor ventilation of the coop or run will require higher application rates.

Apply weekly, or more frequently if the litter is wet due to rain or other weather.

Depending on your flocks size, the 5 pound bag can last between 1 and 3 months. Please take into account your local environment and humidity when ordering -- you find you'll want to use more during the rainy season! In general, we recommend 1 tablespoon per square foot on top of the bedding, once a week.


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