Chicken Health Sampler Bundle

Chicken Health Sampler Bundle
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You've got chickens! Great. Now you want to have the healthcare essentials on hand when and if you need them... But which products will you need? There are so many to choose from. Not to worry—we've got your back. We've compiled the best and we're giving you a great price for buying them all together. This is sampler pack includes the smallest available sizes of each product, so you can test 'em out and see which you like best for yourself!

Why we've selected these products:

Sierra Sage First Aid Kit: Twelve years into the backyard chicken boom, and someone finally came out with a poultry first aid kit! That didn't take too long... er... Anyway, this kit includes only the best, all-natural stuff, including poultry wash, wound care, bug repellent (think mites and lice), and a respiratory salve. It's the perfect size for a backyard flock.

WormGuard Plus Broad Spectrum: Even the healthiest, happiest-looking flock can have intestinal parasites. Mixing in a couple of cups of WormGuard with your flock's feed has several all-natural (of course—that's how we roll) ingredients which attack those parasites and optimize overall health, including Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, probiotics, and diatomaceous earth.

Strike III Pellets: This veterinarian-formulated supplement includes oregano, wormwood, yeast culture, pumpkin seed, garlic and other natural ingredients known for their antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities to treat your flock to better health! Formulated by a vet to support digestive health, this one-pound bag can keep a flock of 5 chickens antibiotic-free for 50 days.

Durvet Vitamins & Electrolytes for Poultry: Truth be told, we think most Vitamins and Electrolyte mixes for poultry are basically created equal. (They're all great during times of stress, extreme temps, and recovering from illness.) To us, the main difference is in the packaging, and we like this one because it fully re-seals, unlike some of the packets out there.

RopaPoultry Complete 250ml & Hen Helper 32oz:Here at headquarters, we've taken to alternating supplementing with Ropa and Hen Helper at every water refill. The reason? Over the years, some of our hens were developing minor cases of vent gleet, a.k.a mudd butt—a sign of digestive distress. (Okay, we admit. We're emotionally needy, so we bribed our chickens into adoring us by offering treats. Too many. Definitely our fault!) Anyhoo, these totally natural products cleaned up the gleet before we could even get a good photo of it! RopaPoultry clears the gut of unhelpful bacteria and fungi (yes, fungi), and the Hen Helper is a powerful probiotic, supported by scientific studies, which repopulates the gut with the good stuff.Oh, and the Ropa is the same stuff the BIG guys (Bell & Evans; Purdue; Cargill) use in their no-antibiotics flocks! We were the first company to import this product from overseas after a 2012 New York Times article touted it.

Sav-A-Chick Combo Pack: We're big believers in vitamins and electrolytes for times of stress, and probiotics to help with gut health, as discussed above. This water-soluble combo pack is another way to deliver "the goods" to your flock! Once again, we like this one because of the packaging: it's especially easy to dose small flocks because each packet is good for one gallon of water.

The Chicken Health Handbook: This is a must-have for any chicken keeper, period. You won't need it until you do—and then you'll be glad you have it!


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