Chunky Chicken Crumbles (1lb)

Chunky Chicken Crumbles
Chunky Chicken Crumbles
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Our "Chunky Chicken Crumbles" are a wonderful supplement for your entire flock any time of year, but especially for flocks confined full-time: nutrients abound! Just mix it in with your regular chicken feed.

A veritable smorgasbord of beak-smacking ingredients, each pound contains approximately 6500 vegetarian-fed insects (PDF: why the ones we use are way healthier than mealworms), as well as other beneficial ingredients like corn, wheat, alfalfa, flax, kelp and spirulina. Everything is all-natural, and made and raised here in the USA. Your birds will love it AND you for giving it to them, and the size and shape will fit right into your normal chicken feeder. (You'll notice that with their keen eyesight they'll be aiming their beaks for the insect bits first, completely ignoring their "regular" food!)

Why It's Unique
Our product is unlike anything else on the market. Instead of the ingredients being bound by sugar, it is bound with a liquefied insect protein. This product combines high protein with complete digestibility and no absolutely no sugar or "filler" ingredients, like you'll find in other chicken treat products.  

Add 1.5 cups of Chunky Chicken Crumbles to every 5 lbs of feed. The additional nutrients will help them lay more consistently. One 5 lb bag is good for two 50 lb bags of feed.

Musca Domestica (insect), non-GMO corn, non-GMO wheat, alfalfa, flax, soybean,  kelp, spirulina, and oyster shell flour.

Protein:  min 15%
Fat: min 8%
Fiber: max 9%

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