Complete First Aid Kit for Poultry

First Aid Kit for Poultry
First Aid Kit Instructions
Restraint Sling/Triangular Bandage
Vinyl Gloves
Iodine Prep Solution
Dust On! Wound Coagulant Powder
Cotton Balls and Cotton Swabs
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Hen & Chick Balm
Gauze Pads
Sensi Wrap Tape
Waterproof Tape
Probiotics, Vitamins & Electrolytes Packets
Feeding Syringe

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Brand new! Be prepared in case of emergency with this comprehensive wound care kit for poultry. Clean, treat and dress wounds and ensure that your bird bounces back from her injury! This kit is appropriate for all types of fowl and poultry, including chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, quail, pheasant and more.

This First Aid for Poultry Kit includes:
Heavy duty carrying case with handle (1), restraint sling/triangle bandage (2), vinyl gloves (2 pairs), sterile saline (1 bottle), iodine (1 bottle), tweezers (1), Dust On! coagulant wound powder (1 bottle), cotton balls & swabs (2 each), triple antibiotic ointment (4 packets), healing poultry balm (1 tub), gauze pads (4), Sensi Wrap (1 roll), waterproof tape (1 roll), scissors (1), vitamins & electrolytes for poultry (1 packet), probiotics for poultry, (1 packet), feeding syringes for hand-feeding and watering (4 syringes.) See below for full product details.

Designed & made in the USA.

Product Features:

This First-Aid Kit for Poultry includes:

Heavy Duty Carrying Case with Handle (1 case)
Transport and store your first aid kit with ease! We selected a high quality, heavy duty plastic carrying case that securely clips closed and seals with a gasket to keep water out. It stands upright for storage, or you can hang it: the handle includes holes for mounting to the wall of your coop, shed, or garage.

Restraint Sling/triangle bandage (2 bandages)
You can't treat a bird who's flapping and squirming all over the place! Tie these triangle bandages around your bird when needed to keep her still while your tending to her. Two cotton "triangle bandages" are included.

Vinyl Gloves (2 pairs)
Wash your hands and wear gloves while you are tending to your injured bird. This will help keep you from inadvertently introducing infection-causing organisms to open wounds.

Sterile Saline (One bottle, 100ml)
Use saline to flush minor wounds prior to dressing them. You may also use it in combination with iodine, to dilute it for deeper wounds (instructions below).

Povidone-Iodine Prep Solution (One bottle, 4.0 oz)
For more serious wounds, use iodone to prevent infection. Iodine is a safe and extremely effective antimicrobial that kills bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. It has been in use for more than one hundred and fifty years and is a key component in fighting infection in wounds. You may also dilute the iodine approximately 10:1 with saline.

Tweezers (One stainless steel, 3")
Use these high-quality metal tweezers to temove gravel, splinters, and any other irritants from wounds.

Dust On! Coagulant Wound Powder (One bottle, 1oz) Dust On! All-In-One Wound Dressing is a safe, easy, and clean way to stop bleeding on any injured animal. It's an all-natural dry powder that quickly stops the bleeding and helps allow the body to heal quickly and naturally. It also draws and absorbs discharge and helps to create a firm, breathable scab. This non-caustic formula won't damage live tissue. Puff the powder directly on and around deeper wounds once they have been cleaned.

Cotton Swabs and Cotton Balls (2 of each)
Use to apply ointments. Two cotton swabs and two cotton balls are included in this kit.

Triple Antibiotic Ointment (Four packets, 0.9g each)
For minor cuts and scrapes. Once your bird's wound has been cleaned and debris has been removed, apply this antibiotic ointment, and then dress the wound. This antibiotic ointment will lower the risk of infection. Apply using cotton balls or swabs.

Healing Poultry Balm (One tub, 1.0oz)
This healing ointment was created just for our first aid kit! It is best used for small wounds, minor cuts, sores, chapping, and dry skin. It creates a barrier against dirt and debris, and has ingredients to assist in the healing such as shea butter, lanolin and beeswax . A blue tint to the ointment formula helps prevent pecking and irritation from other members of the flock, too. It's easy to apply directly with your fingers or with the included cotton balls and swabs.

Gauze Pads (Four pads, 2"x 2")
Once your bird's wound has been cleaned, and any antibiotic ointment ointment or coagulant powder has been applied, use these gauze pads to dress and protect the wound. You will need to secure it with tape, and we've provided two options for that (read on).

Sensi Wrap Veterinary Wrap (One roll, 2" x 5 yds)
Veterinarians have been using this lightweight compression bandage tape to secure dressings for ages. You don't need any clips or fasteners! This self-adhesive wrap sticks to itself, not to other materials or skin. When you remove it, it won't tear your bird's tender skin.

Waterproof Tape (One roll, 1/2" x 5 yds)
Use this waterproof tape to secure dressings. It's strong, easy to use and will stand up to the elements. We recommend you use it to secure gauze to itself, but not to adhere directly to your bird's skin if it can be avoided. Instead, use self-adhesive wrap, which won't tear tender skin.

Scissors (One pair, 3.5". Colors will vary.)
Use for cutting open packaging, for cutting Sensi Wrap and waterproof tape, or for any other first aid needs.

Vitamins & Electrolytes for Poultry (One packet, 5gm)
Give your stressed or injured bird a nutritional boost! This supplement provides a source of essential vitamins and electrolytes to help your chickens and waterfowl recover and stay hydrated and healthy. Dosing is easy: just add one pack to a gallon of water. Your flock will love the taste.

Probiotics for Poultry (One packet, 3gm)
We've all heard a lot about the health benefits of probiotics in the last decade. Fowl can benefit from them, too! Give a boost to stressed birds and help support their digestive system and aid in nutrient absorption. Dosing is easy: just add one pack to a gallon of water during times of injury or stress.

Syringes for Hand-Feeding and Watering (Four syringes, 5 ml each)
If you have an especially weak bird, he or she may need hand-feeding and watering until they're recovered. This kit includes four plunge syringes for offering hydration and nutrition. For food, we recommend creating a slurry from normal layer feed by mixing it with warm water until you've created a homogeneous liquid, to allow the food to be taken up by the syringe. Alternately, many chicken keepers offer yogurt with feeding syringes.