Dookashi: Ammonia Control & Compost Accelerator

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Nobody wants bad odors in their living space, right? When it comes to chickens, though, eliminating odors isn't just about pampering your flock. It's about their health. Chickens are especially susceptible to respiratory illness, and nothing will compromise their respiratory and immune health like an excessive build-up of ammonium/ammonia (read: poop and pee)!

"DooKashi" is one of several products My Pet Chicken carries which helps to neutralize ammonia and to extend the life of your bedding. Developed by two Seattle-area mom entrepreneurs, Dookashi eliminates the harmful odor of ammonia in your coop or baby chick brooder, keeping your birds' respiratory systems healthy. This 100% natural coop deodorizer reduces dangerous pathogens at the microbial level and neutralizes odors without using masking scents or chemicals.

Like our other ammonia-reducing products, Dookashi will extend the life of your bedding, so you'll be buying, replacing, and composting less soiled bedding, saving you money and time. And best of all, the OMRI listed probiotics in DooKashi, will help kick-start your compost pile, ensuring your bedding will break down more quickly into a more nutrient rich compost. (Seasoned chicken keepers know that pine shavings can take an awfully long time to break down.)

This product contains OMRI listed probiotics and non-GMO ingredients and is 100% natural. It is entirely safe if ingested.

Packaged in a resealable bag. Store sealed, in a dry area and use within one year.

For best results, start with a clean coop.  Sprinkle a visible and thorough amount in coop and cover with desired bedding. In the nesting boxes, sprinkle it between layers of shavings or straw.  Re-apply when your nose tells you to!  (If your coop smells bad to you, it smells doubly bad to your birds!)

Select Wheat Bran
OMRI Listed Probiotics
Blackstrap Molasses
Purified Water 

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