Lay or Bust Bundle

Egg Basket
Omega Ultra Egg 4.5 lb
Pulp Egg Cartons
Nesting herbs

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Our "Lay or Bust" Bundle includes all the items you'll need to pamper your pullets,(aka bribe them into laying more)—and to make it easy on you. Gather your eggs in your new egg basket, clean them when needed with your egg wipes, store them in your gorgeous, colorful egg cartons (subject to availability)... then entice them into their nesting areas with divine-smelling herbs, and supplement their diets, for your health and theirs.

If you have a chicken lover in your life, this collection makes a great gift. And if you ARE a chicken lover, keep in mind that when you buy this package, you'll save big bucks over the cost of buying these items separately! This care package includes: