Molt Mender Kit - Regrow Feathers Quickly!

Molt Mender Kit
Bug Bonanza 30 oz
Diatomaceous Earth, Food Grade

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Save over the cost of buying these items separately (shipping is included, anywhere in the country)!

Is your flock in a fall slump? Give those molters a boost, save big and get free shipping with our "Molt Mender" Kit! We've selected all-natural items that will help your flock grow new feathers faster, overcome internal and external parasites, and fend off viruses or bacteria that can take hold while your flock is vulnerable rebuilding those feathers.

This kit includes:
  • Bug Bonanza 30 oz: Our highest-protein treat, Bug Bonanza is a mix of four different dried bugs. Your flock will love it and the added protein will help with feather growth.
  • Sav-A-Chick Vitamins & Electrolytes 1, 3 pack: Feather re-growth doesn't just require protein! Simply sprinkle a pack per gallon of water to give your flock the extra nutritional support they need during molt.
  • Diatomaceous Earth, 8 oz: Start those new feathers off right, clean and clear of external parasites! Diatomaceous Earth, or "DE," as it's called, is a poultry-keeper's best friend. Add it to nest boxes and wherever your birds dust bathe. The fossilized remains of algae, DE cuts the tiny mites and lice at a microscopic level, causing them to die of dehydration and helping to keep your chickens clean and clear, naturally.
  • Zyfend A 30 ml: Flock keepers use Zyfend A to keep internal parasites at bay and to support digestive health. Around molting time, any internal parasites will needlessly extend the time feather regrowth should take. Zyfend A is totally natural, including only enzymes, essential oils and yucca schidigera to achieve results — and it's safe for use in certified organic regimens!
  • RopaPoultry Complete 250 ml: Our #1 best-selling supplement, imported direct from Europe and used in commercial organic poultry regimens around the country! The essential oils and natural ingredients in RopaPoultry Complete ward off viruses, bacteria and fungi alike. Use a small amount in every water fill-up to prevent all manner of health challenges, using the easy inbuilt dosing cup.
If your flock members are molting late in the season, offer them a little heat boost with a Cozy Coop Heater as an add-on option.

Give your flock the gift of good health this molting season!

*Due to health and safety concerns, food products cannot be returned.