Poultry Protector, 16 oz

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Poultry Protector is safe and effective solution for lice, mites, fleas and ticks.

Fleas, mites, and lice like to live in the cracks, crevices, and bedding of your coop and run. These nocturnal pests may be hard to spot because they only come out at night to feed on the adult and baby birds. We believe in going all-natural, whenever possible, and Poultry Protector's natural enzymes clean these annoying bugs away safely, without the harsh chemicals found in so many other insect treatment products.

This product meets all requirements under FIFRA 25(b) - 40 CFR'152.25(f) to be a "minimum risk" product. Poultry Protector cleans eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult insects from birds, bedding, and premises.

Spraying Premises:
Remove bedding material and spray entire habitat with a fine mist. Replace bedding with new material before introducing birds. Spray living area around grounds with a fine mist every other day during the first week and once a week thereafter. Repeat the bedding removal process and spray grounds, periodically.

Treating Affected Birds:
Spray directly onto birds older than 10 days as often as necessary. Avoid eyes to prevent irritation. For best results, ensure that Poultry Protector coats skin thoroughly. Gently invert the affected bird, carefully brush the feathers the wrong way to expose the skin, and spray the exposed skin and feather shafts. Be sure to spray the chest, behind the head, under wings, and around the vent.

Active Ingredients: Potassium Sorbate .1% by weight
Inert Ingredients: Water, Yeast, Citric Acid 99.9%

Follow all manufacturer instructions.