2 Gallon Automatic Cup Drinker with cone (chicks and adults!)

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At last... an easy, mess-free poultry drinker! The cups fill automatically every time your birds take a drink, so they don't  have to learn to depress the tab in the middle! This complete system comes with two cups and accommodates up to twelve birds. Hang the waterer by its handle or elevate it to your desired height. (It will need to be four inches off the ground at a minimum to accommodate the length of the cup.)  Adding to the "chicken-keepers" convenience, these buckets come with "No-Roost Caps", to keep your birds from "roosting" on the waterer.

And best of all, this waterer can be used on all types of fowl, including chickens, ducks, geese, gamefowl and more!

Cups have an advantage over nipples in very hot climates, where more nipples are required to feed the same number of birds as a traditional or cup waterer, since they can drink deeply rather than just get a few drops at a time.

Choose from two styles
  • The Corner Style can be hung or placed in the corner of your coop or brooder to save on space.  The cups will only be present on the "front" two sides.
  • The Center style is best for an open space. The cups are positioned on opposite sides of the bucket. 

Some assembly required. Holes are pre-drilled; just screw in the yellow cups, add water and it's ready to use.

Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 9"