Bantam Chick Waterer, Plastic (1 quart), BPA-Free

Drown-Proof Bantam Chick Waterer
Red Base Only
Bantam Waterer

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For those of you who like to raise bantams, particularly the teeny-tiny ones, a waterer base like this is essential: it will prevent accidental drowning! This base is much narrower than the typical chick waterer, so even the smallest chicks can drink safely.

That said, if you're not planning on raising bantams (or tiny quail, for whom this waterer was invented), then you really don't need a waterer base this tiny. The regular chick waterer will do.

The base comes with the jug which is translucent, so you can see the water level.The red color of the base will attract your chicks to to the water, ensuring they stay hydrated. And if you don't want the jug, no problem! Just click on that option available on the drop down menu.

Approximately 4.25" wide by 2" tall.

Bisphenol A (BPA) free

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