Brooder Bottle mess-free waterer, 64 oz

Chicks enjoying clean water
Mess-Free Brooder Bottle
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On sale while supplies last! We're so excited about this product, suitable for any bird 8 days or older! One of the biggest inconveniences when raising chicks is having to keep their waterers clean. Chicks are curious... and messy. They poop a lot. And with traditional waterers, some of that poop (and their bedding!) invariably make it into their water, especially after they're a week old. It's not the end of the world--we chicken keepers have resigned ourselves to checking, cleaning and refilling our chicks' waterers a few times a day.

But with this new product, you won't have to deal with any of that. Chicks simply tap on the nipple to drink, and there's no way for dirt and debris to make it back up into the water, so the water remains pristine.

Not only that, but unlike vertical nipple watering systems, you won't have to worry about suspending a bottle so the nipple is at the right height for the chicks as they grow; instead, you just plunk it on the ground. The unique, patented, horizontal nipple allows chicks to reach it no matter their age. (Or, in fact, if they're adults--this watering system can be used for chickens of all ages!) The Brooder Bottle won't spill and soak your bedding if it tips over, either! All in all, we just love this product.

  • Easy, screw-top lid
  • Water remains pristine--no bacteria buildup
  • Horizontal nipple won't drip and wet bedding
  • Can fit in any size enclosure
  • Won't spill if tipped
  • Large, 64 oz capacity will rarely need refilling
  • 7" high x 4.5" wide x 4.5" long
  • Caution, these brooder bottles are NOT dishwasher safe

For use with chicks 8 days and older. Fill Brooder Bottle with fresh, cool water and introduce to chicks' enclosure. Tap on metal toggle so chicks can see the water in the small reservoir. Curiosity should draw them over. Make sure all chicks have the hang of it before fully removing the traditional waterer!