Brooder Heating Plate Temperature Regulator

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This temperature regulator cord is for use with the Chick Brooder Heating Plates only.

The dial on the temperature regulator will allow you to adjust the heat output from low to high as needed. Number 1 is the lowest setting (20% of total output) and number 7 is the highest setting (100% of total output). Just plug the 3-pronged end of the regulator cord into the wall and plug your Chick Brooder Heating Plate into the other end.  

Specifications: 110 volt cord is 29" long and the temperature regulator is 6"x3"x1"

Safety Note: This product is only for use with the Chick Brooder Heating Plates. It is not for use with equipment that draws more than 110 watts and it will not work with luminous heat sources (lights) because it will cause the lights to pulsate or flash.