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Treat your chickens — and yourself — to poop-free, dirt-free, mess-free, spill-free water! Just fill this nipple waterer, seal the lid, and hang it in your coop or run. Each time your chickens peck at the nipples from below, a few drops of water will trickle out for them to drink. Because the container is otherwise sealed, the water inside stays completely clean and lasts longer between refills.
Here’s what’s included in your purchase (either size): 
» FDA-approved, food-grade plastic waterer
» Stainless-steel nipples with red plastic casings, installed (2 on the small one; 3 on the large)
» Re-closable lid
» Pair of hooks (your choice of ceiling or wall hooks, both included)
» Wood block to rest drinker on while refilling
Poultry nipples have been in use in commercial operations for years as a way to efficiently deliver clean water to chickens. With this sturdy, gravity-fed nipple waterer, you can enjoy those same advantages with your backyard flock.
1 Gallon--Dimensions
Diameter: 8”; Height: 12” including handle / 7.5” not including handle. Recommended for up to 5 chickens.

3.5 Gallon--Dimensions
Diameter: 12"; Height 17" including handle / 11.5" not including handle. Recommended for 5-18 chickens.
(Made in Oregon from domestic and foreign parts!)

How do the nipples work? Will my chickens learn to drink from them?
You can start chickens on nipples from day one — or any time. It may help to hold their mouths under the nipple the first time as you release a few drops. Most figure it out pretty quickly. If you find your older birds are more set in their ways, you can encourage initial usage by putting a little yogurt, jam, or peanut butter on the nipples; setting the nipples at eye level; and having this be the only waterer available in the morning when your chickens are thirstiest.
Where/how high should I hang the waterer?
You can hang it from above or from a wall or post (two hook types are available). Shade is best, but partial sun should be okay as long as you monitor the temperature of the water from time to time. Hang it so that the nipples are just above your chickens' heads. If you can't get it quite that high, a little lower is fine. Add a rope or chain to adjust the height, if needed. You can also set your waterer on a cinder block or other base, so long as the nipples remain accessible.
How heavy is the waterer when full?
The 1-gallon water weighs weigh about 9 pounds full, and the 3.5 gallon waterer weighs about 30 pounds full. Of course, don’t fill it beyond the point where you can safely lift and carry it! The hooks we include are plenty strong enough to hold this weight when properly secured to a suitable surface.
What are the waterers made of? Why are they black?
The nipples are made of stainless steel encased in durable plastic, and they’re sealed into the bucket with a long-lasting silicone grommet. The buckets are made of FDA-approved, food-grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). This plastic (#2) is fully recyclable. The black color enhances UV resistance and inhibits algae growth.
How do I keep the water from freezing during colder months?
Water freezing is an issue with any unheated waterer. Some folks use submersible heaters like the kind you'd see in fish tanks to keep their water from freezing. Other options:  bring the waterer inside your home on freezing nights, set it out in the morning filled with warm water, and keep multiple waterers on hand in case one freezes.

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