Build Your Own Baby Chick Starter Kit (Save big!)

Kay-Tee Bedding
Brooder Panels, Set of 10
Heat Lamp and Bulb
Sweeter Heater
Cozy Coop Heater
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Already have a few baby chick supplies, and just need to fill in the gaps? Or do you see supplies you'd like that aren't included in our all-in-one kit? Cherry pick what you want in our new, build-your-own kit. Save over the cost of buying the items individually!
  • Bedding is a premium pine shaving product, 3200 cubic inches, specially processed to reduce dust
  • Brooder panels are an interlocking, double-walled cardboard enclosure designed to keep chicks inside and grow as your brood does. Expands up to 22 square feet. 20" height prevents early escape!
  • Feed is designed to accommodate chicks up to 12 weeks old.
  • Feeders are economical, cut down on waste, and attract chicks with their bright red color.
  • Heater: Choose from the traditional, not so safe heat bulb and lamp with clamp or (please) choose the safer, lower-wattage Sweeter Heater or Cozy Coop Heater
  • Thermometer: Select only if you're unsure how to tell if your chicks' environment is the right temperature.
  • Waterers are easy to clean and include a 1-quart, screw-in plastic jar and red waterer base, or a more petite version for bantams or game birds.
  • Chicken Health, Get your chicks started off right.  We have three excellent products to choose from:
      ·  EcoPet: Get 2 sachets when you choose this option! EcoPet Cleaner is a safe, all-natural, concentrated "cleaner" made with hundreds of strains of organic probiotics–the same OMRI probiotics you'll find in Dookashi (another option, below). It controls ammonia, which is responsible for nasty odors and respiratory ailments in poultry, and at the same time helps your bedding compost down more quickly so you can use it in your garden.
      ·  DookashiSink Stink! Ammonia buildup is the number one reason chickens get ill. They have an especially delicate respiratory system, so nothing will compromise their health like poo stench. The 100% organic, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in Dookashi do battle with germs at the microbial level, reducing dangerous pathogens and neutralizing odors.Shave Shavings & Kickstart Compost Why do we need to change out shavings in our coops? Because they stink, of course. Since your shavings will be oh-so-sweet with Dookashi, you'll of course be changing them less frequently, saving not only your aching back, also unsightly piles of discarded shavings.

Shipping We ship the Build-Your-Own kits within 1-2 business days. If you order chicks along with your Kit, and your chicks are scheduled for the next week's hatch, your chicks might arrive before your starter kit does! So, for the safety of your chicks, please plan accordingly and order your kit for timely delivery.