Build Your Own Baby Chick Starter Kit (Save big!)

Brooder Panels, Set of 10
Heat Lamp and Bulb
Sweeter Heater
Cozy Coop Heater
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Already have a few baby chick supplies, and just need to fill in the gaps? Or do you see supplies you'd like that aren't included in our all-in-one kit? Cherry pick what you want in our new, build-your-own kit – and we dare you to find any selection of 3 or more of these items cheaper anywhere else!
  • Bedding is a premium pine shaving product, 3200 cubic inches, specially processed to reduce dust
  • Brooder panels are an interlocking, double-walled cardboard enclosure designed to keep chicks inside and grow as your brood does. Expands up to 22 square feet. 20" height prevents early escape!
  • Feed is for chicks up to 12 weeks old.
  • Feeders are economical, cut down on waste, and attract chicks with their bright red color.
  • Heaters – choose from the traditional, not so safe heat bulb and lamp with clamp or (please) choose the safer, lower-wattage Sweeter Heater or Cozy Coop Heater
  • Thermometer – select only if you're unsure how to tell if your chicks' environment is the right temperature.
  • Waterers are easy to clean and include a 1-quart, screw-in plastic jar and red waterer base, or a more petite version for bantams or game birds.
  • Chicken Health – Extend the life of your bedding, reduce the dangerous ammonia odors that can make your chicks ill, and kickstart the compost process with either one of these organic, probiotic-based products. They're made by the same company, but offer different "delivery" methods.
      ·  EcoPet: These liquid sachets can be mixed in with 16oz of water in a sprayer.
      ·  Dookashi: This "dry" product can be sprinkled directly on bedding

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*Due to health and safety concerns, food products cannot be returned.