Chicken Keepers' Essentials Bundle

"Chicken Keeper Essentials" Bundle
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Okay, so you want chickens! Awesome. Which products do you need, apart from the obvious coop, feeder, waterer, and bedding? This is what we've identified as being the most essential supplies for keeping chickens, and we've bundled them together to offer you a fantastic price versus buying them individually.

Why we've selected these products:

Poultry Grit: Chickens don't have teeth! They absolutely, positively, need access to grit at all times. This one is sized especially for grown-ups. Chickens will only eat it if they need it, so you never have to worry that you're offering too much.

Fine/Chick Grit: Same as the above. Don't let the "chick grit" label fool you, though—grown-up flocks love it, too! We were surprised to find they devour it instantly, which means they really need it.

Crushed Oyster Shell: Okay, in theory chickens don't need this. In theory. If all they're eating is a balanced, "complete" feed, they shouldn't need any extra calcium. But the truth is, most chicken keepers offer their flocks garden clippings, or time spent free ranging, or leftovers. The minute your chickens are consuming anything but layer feed, their calcium can get out of whack, resulting in weak egg shells. Just like grit, you can count on your flock not to over-consume oyster shell, so we offer it to our flock at all times.

WormGuard Plus Broad Spectrum: Even the healthiest, happiest-looking flock can have intestinal parasites. Mixing in a couple of cups of WormGuard with your flock's feed has several all-natural (of course—that's how we roll) ingredients which attack those parasites and optimize overall health, including Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, probiotics, and diatomaceous earth.

RopaPoultry Complete 500ml and Big Ole Bird: Here at headquarters, we've taken to alternating supplementing with Ropa and B.O.B. at every water refill. The reason? Over the years, some of our hens were developing minor cases of vent gleet, a.k.a mudd butt—a sign of digestive distress. (Okay, we admit. We're emotionally needy, so we bribed our chickens into adoring us by offering treats. Too many. Definitely our fault.) Anyhoo, these totally natural products cleaned up the gleet before we could even get a good photo of it. RopaPoultry clears the gut of unhelpful bacteria and fungi (yes, fungi), and the B.O.B. is a powerful probiotic, supported by scientific studies, which repopulates the gut with the good stuff.

Oh, and the Ropa is the same stuff the BIG guys (Bell & Evans; Purdue; Cargill) use in their no-antibiotics flocks! We were the first company to import this product from overseas after a 2012 New York Times article explored how modern poultry producers were able to go the antibiotic-free route.

Egg Cleanser Concentrate: No matter what you do, some eggs are a-gonna be poopy. Gross. This stuff works better to lift the poo and remove the stain than anything you have laying around the house; we guarantee it. It's also natural, of course, so you don't have to worry about any chemicals getting in your food.