Coyote Pee Granules-Repels Raccoons & more!

Coyote Granules
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Yes, we are selling pee! Real coyote pee! Why? Because it's awesome at repelling predators. Coyote pee repels:
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Skunks
  • Opossums
  • Minks
  • Other small predators
It'll also scare away groundhogs, deer, and gophers!

How does it work?
The 20 oz “Yard Cover Granules” are for those of you who can't stand the potential of getting a drop of pee on you. They're in a shaker jar, so you simply open the top and shake to disperse them around the area you wish to protect. Reapply weekly.  (Alternately, you could try the 12 oz squeeze bottle. Just squeeze the pee into the available 33-Day Dispensers and hang the dispensers around your yard, chicken coop or run to create a "pee-remiter"--one dispenser every ten feet or so. These you refresh monthly.)

What are the granules made of?
The granules are created by mixing the urine with all-natural, organic materials to absorb and hold the scent. Chickens will not eat them--don't worry!

How is urine collected from the animal?
All predator urine is humanely collected via floor collection drains of enclosures in game farms, zoos and preserves. These facilities are regularly inspected by the appropriate state agencies to meet standards for health and humane treatment. In addition, the urine collection helps these wild game caretakers to generate the revenue they need to care for their animals.

Does the pee spook the chickens?
One would think so, but chicken keepers around the country have reported that their flocks seem oblivious to it.

What if I have bigger predators, like fisher cats or coyotes?
You'll need wolf pee to handle those predators.