Drip-Free Cup Waterer, 2 Gal w/No-Roost Cone (up to 15 chickens)

2 Gallon Cup Waterer for up to 8 birds
Refill water or use hole for heater cord
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At last... an easy, mess-free poultry waterer! The cups on this two-gallon waterer fill automatically every time your birds take a drink, so they don't have to learn to depress the tab in the middle. This complete system comes with two cups and accommodates up to twelve birds. Elevate it to your desired height. (It will need to be four inches off the ground, at a minimum, to accommodate the length of the cup.)  Adding to the "chicken-keeper's" convenience, these buckets come with No-Roost Caps, to keep your favorite knuckleheads from roosting (and pooping) all over the water.

Best design for hot weather
Cups have an advantage over nipples in very hot climates, where more nipples are required to feed the same number of birds as a traditional or cup waterer, since they can drink deeply rather than just get a few drops at a time. Cups also allow chickens to dip their wattles in water. Evaporation off the wattles is one of the key ways chickens cool themselves.

For flocks of up to 15, including chicks & other fowl
This two-gallon waterer contains two cups, and each accommodates up to six birds, so we recommend you have one of this size waterer for every fifteen birds. One of the great benefits of the cups is that they're easy for any types of fowl to use, including baby chicks, ducks, geese, gamefowl and more.

Optional: Winter add-ons
If there's a short winter where you live, or there's an occasional freeze, you can be prepared for that, too. Just add the optional bucket heater and the two freeze-free nipples onto your order, and save over buying the items individually! The heater drops into the fill-hole in the lid, and to install the nipples, just un-screw the cups when the waterer is empty, and screw the nipples into their place.

Some assembly required. Holes are pre-drilled; just screw in the red cups with the wing nut on the inside and washer on the outside, as shown in the image above. Add water, and it's ready to use!

Need to hang your feeder? We now carry the convenient hang strap!

The bucket is 9" x 9" x 9"; each cup add 3" on either side and 13.5" in height with the no-roost cone.