Drip-Free Nipple Waterer, 2 Gal w/No-Roost Cone (up to 20 chickens)

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This two gallon nipple waterer is our favorite type of waterer, bar none. Bucket waterers with horizontal nipples resolve all the most common waterer problems, resulting in drip-free, mess-free, freeze-free watering solution that we are proud to offer. Plus, the included No-Roost Cone is essential for keeping your favorite knuckleheads from roosting (and pooping) all over the water.

Best design for cold weather
The unique, horizontal nipple design won't drip. Say goodbye to icy mounds under your water in winter! (which you can add on to your purchase in the pull-down menu, above, for a big savings, or purchase later) to eliminate the hassle of lugging waterers in and out of the house day and night all winter long. Due to the unique nipple design that doesn't "hold" water, even in temps well below freezing, your chickens will be sittin' pretty.

For flocks of up to 20
This two-gallon waterer contains four nipples, and each nipple accommodates up to five hens, so we recommend this size waterer for flocks of up to twenty chickens. (The more hens you have, the more frequently you'll have to fill the waterer.) If that's not big enough for you, we offer the larger 5 gallon, six nipple drinker--or you can purchase the nipples separately and attach them to your own system!

Two styles to choose from
The "Center" style has one nipple on each side of the bucket. Choose this option if you plan to have your waterer in the middle of your coop or run, where birds can access all four sides.

The "Corner" style bucket has two nipples each, on just two sides of the bucket (4 holes on 2 sides).

Whichever style you choose, both come with a bag of instructions, 5 red nipples (an extra for "just in case"), an installation helper and a white caplug, plus a  red lid with a hole for the white caplug.

Summer Watering Cups option
(Currently out of stock.) In the summer, your flock could appreciate you swapping the horizontal nipples for our auto-filling cups. They fit the pre-existing holes exactly; just unscrew the horizontal nipples and replace them with the cups. These cups auto-fill, allowing easier access to water on the hottest days. Your flock will also love being able to dip their wattles in the water to cool down! Finally, these cups are a wonderful choice for waterfowl of all types.

Nipple waterers have long been favored for the ease of cleaning: there's no tray for dirty beaks to soak in! Dirtied water doesn't get pulled back into the container, so you'll only need to clean your waterer it every few weeks or so. Due to the UV-resistant bucket, algae growth will be minimal to non-existent, depending on where you place the waterer. (In other words, put it inside the coop, and you'll have to clean it less!).  The buckets are BPA free and have a natural coloring so you can easily see the water level.

Training your flock
To get chickens started using the nipples we suggest tapping on each nipple so that water fills the reservoir which chicken’s will see and they will drink.  They will then peck at the stainless steel pin which will release more water.  If chickens have a difficult time figuring it out we suggest putting any kind of sweet jam or jelly onto the nipples.  It is very important to take all other water sources out during this time. Some assembly is required.  The buckets come with holes pre-drilled, so all you do is screw in the nipples. The manufacturer recommends screwing the nipples in only about 80% of the way, as the flange does not need to be secured fully flush with the bucket.

Bucket Dimensions:   9" long, 9" high x 9" wide
Total Height with the cone: 13.5"
No-Roost Cones may be white or red, depending on what we have in stock