Handcrafted Wooden Feeder

Handcrafted trough feeder

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These beautiful wooden feeders are hand-made in America, just like they might have been a hundred years ago, by a bona fide chicken lover! Center roll bar prevents roosting, and deep design keeps feed in where it belongs. Feeder comes fully assembled, and there's no need to finish them with paint or seal. The material will weather naturally over time.

Specifications and Dimensions
12" x 3" wide x 3" to level line,  2 pounds
18" x 4" wide x 4" to level line,  4.22 pounds
24" x 4" wide x 4" to level line, 4.50 pounds

Shipping and Returns: There is a 15% restocking fee for returns on this item and the item must be returned in the original packaging.

This product is made to order and will ship in up to 8 weeks after order is placed.

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