Nesting Box Bucket Kit

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Need to add some extra nesting boxes but don’t want to renovate the coop? This Nest Box Bucket Kit turns almost any 5-gallon bucket into a nesting box for a quick and easy solution! It also creates a great space to offer a broody hen who may need privacy away from the busy traffic of flockmates.

Just attach to your own 5-gallon bucket and then mount to your preferred location using the hardware of your choice. We recommend adding a Turf Nest Box Liner (which you can add on to your purchase in the pull-down menu, above, for big savings, or purchase later) inside to keep your hens comfortable and prevent egg breakage.

Product Details:
  • Easy-To-Clean, resists rot & corrosion.
  • Expands for larger breeds, the dover hole may be increased from 6" to 8".
  • Made in the USA.

Tips on nest box placement

Step 1: Snap perch onto lid.
Step 2: Snap lid onto bucket.
Step 3: Hang your nest box.

Note: 5-gallon bucket and mounting hardware is not included.

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