One Liter Cup Drinker for Chicks and Small Flocks

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Chickens are curious and playful, and as seasoned chicken keepers know, this can lead to a lot of yuck! They mess around in water dishes and often dump the contents; they poop in their water; they kick pine shavings in... yuck! But if you introduce this unique waterer, you can avoid all of these inconveniences and more importantly, prevent chicks from drowning as well. Don't worry — this drinker is made of food-grade plastic and is BPA-free.

How it works
At last... an easy, mess-free poultry drinker! The cups fill automatically every time your birds take a drink, so they don't  have to learn to depress a tab in the middle!  The cup will catch all of the dispensed water so you won’t have water dripping on the bedding and the water will remain clean for drinking (read: mess-free!).

How to train your flock on this cup drinker
Show your flock the waterer by tapping on the cup. Make sure they see you doing it! They're curious, so they'll get the idea quickly.If you're training an older bird, remove other water sources so she's motivated to learn!

Ways to use this waterer:

  • Hang it on the side of a wire cage with the optional wire holder
  • Mount it on the side of a wooden coop with the optional plastic holder
  • Set it on top of a chick brooder heating plate (sold separately), or
  • Elevate it on the ground inside your coop or brooder
The plastic holder comes with a yellow mounting strip that will allow you to move the chick drinker up in ¾” increments as needed.

If you set your drinker on the ground inside your brooder, make sure that the rim of the red cup is higher than the chick bedding so the bedding can't easily be kicked into the cup. The drinker can be elevated as your chicks grow.

Optional side-mount chicken nipple
Side mount chicken nipples are one of our top-selling items! They don't drip in winter, unlike the vertical nipples, and they also remain freeze-free if you heat your waterer. Learn more about them here. You can add a couple of these nipples onto the other sides of the 1 liter container to give your flock more locations to drink from. Just drill a hole using a 11/32" drill bit, a minimum of 6" away from the existing spout. Screw the nipple into the drinker only about 80% of the way. (The flange does not need to be secured flush with the bucket, and trying to force it all the way in could cause the container to break.)