One Liter Nipple Drinker for Chicks and Small Flocks

Chick Drinker with Nipple
Optional Plastic Holder for Drinker
Optional Side Mount Chicken Nipple
Chicks drink well from this waterer
Chicks drink well from this waterer

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Chickens are curious and playful, and as seasoned chicken keepers know, this can lead to a lot of yuck! They mess around in water dishes and often dump the contents; they poop in their water; they kick pine shavings in... yuck! But if you introduce this unique waterer, you can avoid all of these inconveniences and more importantly, prevent chicks from drowning as well. Don't worry — this drinker is made of food-grade plastic and is BPA-free.

How it works
Just like any nipple drinker, pressing the nipple to the side or pushing it up causes water to drip out.

How to train your flock on this nipple waterer
We've tested this handy, one liter capacity waterer on several batches of chicks, and they take no time at all to learn the ropes. The manufacturer recommends that it not be introduced to chicks until they're 10 to 14 days old, but in our personal experience, this works for day-old chicks as well. It is a good idea to keep a "regular" chick waterer handy just in case yours have trouble learn how to dispense the water, however.

To train your chicks, we suggest you tap on the stainless steel pin to dispense some water. They'll be thirsty and interested and will learn quickly. Should they have any trouble, you might even put some jam on the pin to create some interest and start the pecking.

Ways to use this nipple waterer

  • Hang it on the side of a wire cage with the optional wire holder
  • Mount it on the side of a wooden coop with the optional plastic holder
  • Set it on top of a chick brooder heating plate (sold separately), or
  • Set it on the ground inside your brooder
  • Enjoy your mess-free water!
The plastic holder comes with a yellow mounting strip that will allow you to move the chick drinker up in ¾” increments as needed.

If you set your drinker on the ground inside your brooder, make sure that the nipple is higher than the chick bedding so that the chicks can see it and access it. The drinker can be elevated with 2x4s as the chicks grow.

Optional side-mount chicken nipple
Side mount chicken nipples are optional to add on to your order, in order to offer your flock more access points. Learn about the benefits of these nipples, here.

To install, drill a hole using a 11/32" drill bit, a minimum of 6" away from the spout. Screw the nipple into the drinker about 80% of the way. The flange does not need to be secured flush with the bucket.