Side mount, drip-free watering nipples

Horizontal poultry nipple
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These are the same revolutionary, horizontal watering nipples that come on our drip-free drinkers, designed for birds eight days and up.  They're exclusively imported into this country from Europe by the manufacturer of our drinkers. What sets them apart: they don't drip(!), and, because no water is stored in the nipple unit even when your bucket or drinker is full of water, they won't freeze during the winter.

You also have the option to place your chosen waterer on the ground, rather than hang it--a big bonus for many of you who have coops or runs that can't accommodate the weight of hanging systems.

Plus, the plastic is high-density and won't break on installation! Complete installation instructions are included with your purchase. 11/32" drill bit required.

Note: The manufacturer  recommends screwing the nipples in 80%, they do not need to have the flange secured flush with the bucket.

(Consider buying the all-in-one drinker units, though, as they're designed to accept our de-icer to keep your water from freezing, even in the coldest temps!)

To get chickens started using the nipples we suggest tapping on each nipple so that water fills the reservoir which chicken’s will see and they will drink.  They will then peck at the stainless steel pin which will release more water.  If chickens have a difficult time figuring it out we suggest putting any kind of sweet jam or jelly onto the nipples.  It is very important to take all other water sources out during this time.