Space-Saving Chick Feeder/Waterer Combo

Chick Feeder-Waterer Combo
Swap cups for nipples! Included w/purchase
No Waste Chick Feeder

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These space-saving, no-waste feeder and waterer designs are our new favorites. They ain't cheap, true, but if you can swing the extra dough, they're so worth it. Here's why:
  • Space saving: The waterer holds one gallon; the feeder holds 5 pounds of food, yet they each take up only 5.5" x 5.5" of floor space! Traditional chick feeder/waterer designs with such a high capacity can take up a square foot each!
  • No feed waste: The "port" feeder style limits spilled feed, waste and mess. Chicks have to stick their heads in the holes to eat, and they won't be able to "beak out" the feed. In other words, feed stays inside the feeder. You will save money and time spent cleaning up!
  • No water spills: The waterer comes with both drip-free nipples and auto-filling cups. Either way, your chicks won't be able to poop in their water; kick shavings in, or spill water. They won't be able to walk through their waterer and spill it all over their bedding.
  • Dry bedding saves lives: Chicks raised on wet bedding are highly susceptible to coccidiosis. Chicks bedded on slippery surfaces can fall victim to splay leg, a.k.a spraddle leg. Both can easily lead to death. It's not hyperbole: a nipple or cup waterer that prevents spillage can save lives.
  • High capacity = less work: Since this kit holds so much feed and water, you may only have to refill them once a week, or even less depending on how many chicks you're raising! That's a huge relief for those who can't check on their chicks several times a day.
  • Choose watering cups or nipples: Have ducklings? Maybe you like the cups better. Don't feel like training your chicks on the nipples? Start with cups. On the other hand, if you want to nipple-train your chicks early, and limit even a single drop of water waste, you may prefer the nipples!
  • Cone-shaped lid eliminates poopy water and feed: You may see other chick feeders and waterers with flat tops. Guess what chicks like to do when they're a week or two old? That's right – they like to jump! And they simply love to poop from on high. The smartly-designed cone shape of these lids prevents your rascals from hanging out on top and sullying your feed and water.
  • Save over buying individually: This combo is $9.95 cheaper than buying each item separately. Plus, shipping is free!
Included with Purchase:
One Gallon (128oz) BPA-Free food-grade plastic chick waterer with 2 pre-drilled holes, handle, 1 easily removable chick waterer lid, 2 red horizontal nipples, 2 plastic cups, instructions. You can swap out the nipples and cups on the waterers as you like!

One 5 pound (80oz) BPA-Free food-grade plastic dual-port chick feeder with attached handle, 1 easily removable chick feeder lid, 2 different sized ports depending on the size of your chicks.

Learn more about the feeder and waterer included in this combo.

5.5 x 5.5 x 10 inches (each)
12.75 inches to the top of the cone