Space-Saving Waterer, 2 gallon w/Automatic Fill Cups

2 gallon chicken waterer
2 gallon chicken waterer
2 gallon chicken waterer
2 gallon chicken waterer
2 gallon chicken waterer
2 gallon chicken waterer

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Watering your small flock has never been so easy! This petite, 2 gallon chicken waterer is so easy to fill and clean, and it can hang right on the wire mesh of your run, or rest on an elevated platform like a cinder block. This waterer is a great choice for smaller coop setups where maximizing space is of the essence.

No poopy mess
Chickens are curious and playful, and as seasoned chicken keepers know, this can lead to a lot of yuck! They mess around in water dishes and often dump the contents; they poop in their water; they kick pine shavings in... yuck! But if you introduce this unique waterer, you can avoid all of these inconveniences and more importantly, prevent chicks from drowning as well. Don't worry — this drinker is made of food-grade plastic and is BPA-free. Just mount the waterer high enough that the hens can't roost on it and you won't have any poo to worry about.

No water leakage
The cups on this easy waterer refill automatically every time your birds take a drink. Your flock won't have to learn to depress a tab in the middle, which is a design you'll see on a lot of other cup waterers. Your water will remain clean for drinking (read: mess-free!). Many of the similar-looking tab-in-middle waterers have gotten stuck in the "depressed" position, causing flooding on automatic watering systems. You won't have to worry about that with this design!

How to train your flock on this cup drinker
Show your flock the waterer by tapping on the cup. Make sure they see you doing it! They're curious, so they'll get the idea quickly. If you're training an older bird, remove other water sources so she's motivated to learn!
Cups have an advantage over nipples in very hot climates, where more nipples are required to feed the same number of birds as a traditional or cup waterer, since they can drink deeply rather than just get a few drops at a time. Cups also allow chickens to dip their wattles in water. Evaporation off the wattles is one of the key ways chickens cool themselves.

Your purchase includes freeze-free nipples for winter
Does it freeze where you are in winter? We've got you covered. This waterer comes with two free, freeze-free horizontal nipples. Just take out the cups and swap them for the nipples. Drop a bucket heater (not included) right into the water, and voila! You have a winter-ready, freeze-free watering solution.

For flocks of up to 12, including chicks & other fowl
This two-gallon waterer contains two cups, and each accommodates up to six birds, so we recommend you have one of this size waterer for every twelve birds. One of the great benefits of the cups is that they're easy for any types of fowl to use, including baby chicks, ducks, geese, gamefowl and more.

There's a matching feeder
If you like the space-saving design of this waterer, there's a matching feeder! Better yet, get both at the same time and save $5.95 off the price of purchasing them individually.

Some assembly required. Holes are pre-drilled; just screw in the red cups with the wing nut on the inside and washer on the outside, as shown in the image above. Add water, and it's ready to use!

5.5 x 5.5 x 17 inches high